Color Revolution Beginning in Belarus – Hundreds Arrested at Illegal Protest

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2017

Protesters are using the word “basta,” a Spanish/Italian word for “enough,” as a slogan. Interesting they’re using a non-Russian word for their slogan, no?

The Jews are doing a Ukraine in Belarus.

Right now, it’s not been totally clear what is happening. At least not to me. Probably some guy on /pol/ knows.

Basically, the country’s leader, Lukashenko – who is awesome – declared a law that parasites who won’t work will be forced to suffer, and people are out protesting saying that they should be allowed to be parasites.

This obviously isn’t an intuitive thing to protest, so it’s clear that it’s funded from the outside. And it’s the same pattern we see over and over and over again with these Jew color revolutions (and the “Arab Spring” and whatever).

Now they’ve done mass arrests, which is never really the best option. Pretty much a last resort type thing. Right before machine-gunning protesters.

So this indicates, whatever is going on, it’s getting extreme.


Police in Belarus have arrested hundreds of people during protests against a so-called “social parasites” tax on the under-employed.

Thousands defied a ban to protest, taking to the streets of Minsk and other cities. Demonstrators shouted “Fascists!” at riot police.

There have been weeks of sporadic protests against a $230 (£185) levy on those unemployed for six months.

President Alexander Lukashenko insists the tax will not be scrapped.

He says it instils discipline in the workshy, though he has suspended it for this year.

Opponents say it punishes those who cannot find a job.

‘Beating the participants’

Organisers called the protest Freedom Day, evoking the independent Belarus that lasted just six months after the First World War, in 1918.

The march in the capital Minsk took place on the 99th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic.

Demonstrators tried to march down one of the major streets in Minsk, but were blocked by police who began arresting them, along with journalists covering the protest.

“They’re beating the participants, dragging women by the hair to buses. I was able to run to a nearby courtyard,” demonstrator Alexander Ponomarev told AP news agency.

Earlier, police raided the offices of human rights group Vesna and detained about 30 activists. The authorities had already jailed more than 100 opposition supporters for terms of between three and 15 days in the lead-up to the demonstration, reports said.

ZOMG the women, the human rights people, oy vey, it’s like annunda shoah.


I can pretty well guarantee if you do the research on this “Vesna” group, it’s funded through some Soros outlet, and they’re behind turning this pretty much irrelevant tax law into a gigantic crisis.

If it’s not Soros, it’s some other Jewish group, or the EU, or the US State Department, or whatever.

John McCain has come out speaking about this, so it’s something. Some Western agenda against Russia.

This was his statement:

The public demonstrations unfolding in Minsk today are a powerful expression of the democratic aspirations of the Belarusian people. Over the past several weeks, thousands of Belarusians have gathered to preserve their basic human dignity and demand accountability from their government despite facing repression and violence. It is inspiring to see their perseverance.

President Lukashenko should immediately and unconditionally release the hundreds of citizens who have been unjustly detained and arrested for exercising their fundamental right to free expression and assembly and respect its citizens’ civil liberties. The Belarusian people deserve the freedom to chart their nation’s future, and it is time the Government of Belarus respond to their legitimate demands.

That pretty much tells you the whole story right there.

Obviously, John, they don’t have the same laws as we have, and their laws allow for mass detention of protesters attending protests deemed to be illegal.

After MILO’s Berkeley fiasco, it might be that we should consider implementing similar laws.

Wtf is Belarus?

Just a bit of background here, as I imagine there are a lot of readers not familiar.

Belarus was a part of the Russian Empire for centuries, then was a Soviet Republic. Then the USSR collapsed, and it split off. But the people there are Russian.

It has remained closed, and it has remained close to Mother Russia. It’s effectively a part of Russia, in the way that Kazakhstan is and the Ukraine was before the Maidan, only it’s a little bit different than either of those, as the people are definitely ethnic Russians and identify that way.

The women are beautiful.

Basically, this could potentially set off a world war.

I’m not saying it’s going to or that it’s likely to, because presently, I don’t know what’s going on. As you’ve maybe noticed, I write about a whole bunch of different stuff, and I can’t be an expert in all of this stuff. At some theoretical point in the future when this site has more money, we’ll have experts in different topics to write these articles on things I’m not an expert on. I don’t know anyone who’s an expert on Belarusian politics, but if there was someone who could read Russian, they could find the details of this situation. Right now, there isn’t comprehensive information available on it in English, at least not that I can find.

What I can tell you for a fact is that when I see a statement like that one above from John McCain, it’s clear something is going on.

So, we’ll keep you updated.

I’m hoping that Lukashenko has better advisers than Yanukovych had.

Note: Comments from Russian speakers familiar with the situation would probably be helpful to all of us.