Cologne: Restaurant Selling “Erdogan Burgers” Forced to Close After Death Threats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2016


They may look delicious… but when you bite down and start chewing, all you will taste is pure hatred.

I think it’s really great that Germany is now a colony of Turkey.

Finally, Whites are able to right the wrongs that took place at the Battle of Vienna, when innocent brown people were brutally oppressed by evil White Christians.


A restaurant in Cologne that was selling “delicious and juicy” Erdogan burgers, apparently named after the Turkish president, was forced to close over “credible threats” it had received, the eatery said.

The burgers had only been on sale in the Urban Burgery restaurant since April.

“Delicious, juicy, and the next big thing, is Erdogan the burger,” was the intriguing announcement on the restaurant’s Facebook page, “It [the burger, definitely not the Turkish leader] weighs more than any kebab.”

That is pure hatred for the color of the skin.

The “tasty and delicious” Erdogan burgers were served with goat cheese, the restaurant said, apparently referring to German TV satirist Jan Bohmermann’s poem implicating Recep Tayyip Erdogan in alleged sex acts with goats and a proclivity for child pornography. Erdogan and later German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the poem insulting. Bohmermann now faces prosecution under a rarely-used law that punishes those who insult foreign dignitaries.

The burger proved to be popular and the story was covered by local news. On May 1, it even had to close for the day as it had run out of the “delicious” offerings.

Shortly after the appetizing Erdogan burgers appeared on the eatery’s menu, the proprietors announced the closure of their restaurant “until further notice.”

“Due to concrete threats, and in particular calls by Erdogan supporters to come to our restaurant, we can no longer guarantee the safety of our workers,” the restaurant said. It posted part of a threat on its Facebook page written by a person calling himself “Smith Wesson,” (the name apparently referring to the US gun manufacturer): “I’d say we them pay a visit. Who’ll join me?”

Jorg Tiemann, the manager of Urban Burgery, said that two Turkish burger cooks had given notice because they had received death threats, according to Deutsche Welle.

The eatery added it continues to oppose “blatant injustices” and no one will “silence civil rights.”

“We will not let ourselves be muzzled by enemies of democracy, rule of law and civil liberties….now more than ever!”

It’s great to see that even among all the endless racism from Whites, there is still some justice in the world.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Hail to the true ruler of Germany.