Cologne: Final Report Reveals 126 Gang-Rapes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2016


No one ever could have imagined these men would be anything but respectful to women.

The details of the Cologne New Year’s Eve mass sex-attacks by Merkel’s Moslems keep getting worse.

Originally, the police said that nothing happened at all. Then people started posting videos of the attacks, and girls began coming out to speak about what happened to them.

Police then admitted that yes, something did happen and they covered it up. They feminist mayor came out and blamed the victims, then fired the police chief for covering it up, even while it is official policy of the German government for police to cover-up crimes by migrants.

Initially, they said only one rape took place. Then they said two.

Now, in the final report, which combines the attacks in Cologne with other gang-sex attacks across the country, they are saying 126 gang-rapes took place that night.

126 gang-rapes.

126 gang-rapes.

126 gang-rapes.

126 gang-rapes.

126 gang-rapes.

In one night.

Daily Express:

The disgusting list of crimes reported in the German city run to a staggering 821 complaints, and range from sexual assaults to gang rape.

When including reported attacks from all of the major cities in the North Rhine-Westphalia state – including Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Bielefeld – the complaint figure is said to almost top 1,000.

A shocking 359 complaints relate to sexual offences, while 659 women were recorded as alleged victims, according to the list finally published by NRW state government.

It also revealed 126 claims of “rape by a group” and 47 allegations of “sexual assault by a group”.

The release of the full list follows repeated claims of a cover up by German authorities and media.

But despite there reportedly being a total of 1,049 alleged victims, German police have so far identified only 30 suspects, North Rhine-Westphalia state interior minister Ralf Jäger revealed on Thursday.

All of the suspects are of North African origin, with 15 being asylum seekers.

Out of that figure, two Algerians are reportedly behind bars accused of sexual offences including grabbing a woman’s buttocks.

The list was released by Mr Jäger on Thursday.

How many gang-rapes is this diversity program worth, Merkel?

How many lives have to be destroyed so you can give free everything to a bunch of parasites for no explainable reason?

There should have been some type of contract: “we know there are going to be widespread gang-rapes, and that’s the cost of making an omelet, but if it ever so happens that over 100 gang-rapes take place in one night, we will cancel the diversity program.”

At the very least, Germany, it is time for a cost-benefits analysis.

Here, I’ll get you started: they’ve done away with the theory that these people are going to pay the pensions of old White Germans, so the only remaining benefit is kebab shops.

Now, go ahead and list the costs.