College Gives Grants to Students to Go to Protests and Indoctrination Camps

Daily Stormer
August 30, 2017

This college can cost up to $56,000 a year, not including indirect costs like books, personal expenses, etc. You think it’s worth it? Because a lobotomy has roughly the same effects, but you save a lot of time and money.

Campus Reform:

Kalamazoo College is offering students grants of up to $1,500 to cover the costs of “social justice leadership” projects, including protests, conferences, and trainings.

The “Social Justice Leadership Fund,” organized by the non-partisan Arcus Center for Social Justice, offers Kalamazoo students, faculty, and staff grants ranging from $50 to $1,500 to engage in social justice “advocacy,” “research,” and “leadership development.”

The “non-partisan” Arcus Center for Social Justice is staffed by people who look like they should be in a zoo – 2 fat bulldyke sheboons, one White obvious dyke, one gookette and one relatively normal-looking White woman who’s a dyke married to an Arab whore, and the only man there is a nigger whose main achievement in life appears to be using the White man’s money and the White man’s airplane to head over to Uganda and teach farmers there about hip-hop… And you get all that and more for only 56K a year!

You can read their bios (and contact info) here.

The fund was launched to encourage students to “learn about a variety of social justice and human rights issues, develop new skills in organizing and leadership, and take action on the issues that prospective applicants care most about,” according to Arcus’ website [emphasis in original].

Weird… I always assumed college was about teaching you how not to starve when your parents stop feeding you. Guess I was wrong, and it’s about “human rights,” “social justice” and other made up shit that doesn’t really mean anything. Just more reasons to stay away.

 While the fund primarily gives students grants to attend conferences and conduct research, it also offers financial support for students who wish to “travel for actions,” such as protests and rallies. Earlier this year, for example, an indeterminate number of students received financial support to attend an immigration rally in Washington, D.C to advocate for “comprehensive immigration policies.”

Sounds non-partisan to me.

 Among numerous other projects, the fund also sent more than 40 students to a “2.5 day anti-racism workshop,” sponsored a documentary project on “anti-abortion violence,” and sent six students to a three-day “Black Male Summit” in Akron, Ohio.

Black Male Summit? Really? The fuck did they have a summit for? Were they debating the proper way to eat fried chicken?

Students who are interested in social justice advocacy are currently being encouraged to apply, according to recent Twitter posts from the Arcus Center, which also note that the fund accepts applications on a rolling basis.

The Arcus Center warns that securing funding isn’t a piece of cake, saying, “it is not atypical for applicants to fill out multiple drafts of an application, in order to ensure that key social justice leadership concepts and practices are appropriately present in the project proposal.”

When reached for comment by Campus Reform, a Kalamazoo spokesman confirmed that students can apply for “carefully vetted” grants, which support activities such as “travel to and from organized events such as the Women’s March on Washington.”

The spokesman did not reply to a follow-up inquiry on why the “non-partisan” Arcus Center supported students’ travel to the Women’s March on Washington, considering that it excluded conservative and pro-life women; or to immigration rallies, which unilaterally advocate for looser immigration restrictions.

Because colleges are run by kikes, so killing babies and flooding White countries with subhumans is as non-partisan as saying the sky is blue.