College Admissions Scandal: White Students Told to Pretend to Be Non-White So They Can Get Into College Easier

Daily Stormer
May 22, 2019

tfw you go out of your way to be edgy, then find out that everything you say used to be common sense for most people who ever lived

The people who invented almost everything that separates human beings from animals have to pretend to be at least part useless and semi-human in order to have a better chance at entering an institution that they also invented, in a country they built from nothing.

And if you think there’s something wrong with that, (((they))) say you’re mentally ill.

If that’s not White privilege, I dunno what is.


According to a report from the New York Post, college admissions scandal mastermind William “Rick” Singer encouraged white clients to lie about their child’s race on their college applications. According to Singer, not doing so would put their children at a “competitive disadvantage” to other students.

And mind you, all of his clients were millionaires, and buying their way in was still not enough.

Not that I’m sympathizing with them or anything, as all of the (non-Jew) ones I read about are families of degenerates, but I want you to get an idea of how much the system is against White people.

Old-school corruption is no longer enough. Now, you need to be one of the “oppressed” to get in, because that’s how White Supremacy works – White people getting stuff by pretending to be the people they’re oppressing.

That’s how blackface appeared – slave owners would put shoeshine on their faces and then go pick cotton in their own fields in order to get… some nebulous abstraction that some Jew will come up with one day.

The source that provided this information claimed that Singer had one student apply to colleges as a Native American. However, the student had no Native American ancestry. “There was nothing Native American about this kid,” the source said.

Depending on your definition, there might be.

I’m still not convinced of the whole “White people were in America first” theory, but it’s possible.

Assistant US Attorney Eric Rosen said in March that Singer had a pattern of lying about student’s ethnicities in order to increase their chance of college admission.

As a part of the scandal, Singer transferred a large sum in bribes from parents to athletic coaches who would classify the client’s child as an athletic recruit, even if the child did not play the sport. Singer also hired adult standardized test experts to take tests like the SAT and ACT for the students. In some cases, Singer had children manipulate mental health professionals so that they could be classified as needing extra time on college entrance exams. In those cases, an exam proctor hired by Singer would correct the student’s wrong answers before submission to increase their score.

That’s the other smart thing a society does – have its higher learning institutions favor people who have a harder time learning.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he told some of them to just straight-up pretend to be retards.


The specific case isn’t as important as what it shows – that White people in general have no privilege and aren’t oppressing anybody, which is what it should be like for them since it’s their country that their ancestors built for them.

What annoyed me back when this came out was how much the Jews in the media were screeching about how this proves their moronic White privilege theory – which is actually the opposite of what it proves – and all of them wondering just how many “talented” and “hard-working” monkeypeople were left out because of said White privilege.

I have no idea about any of these specific individuals, and I don’t really care, but I do know one thing – the odds that even the dumbest and laziest one isn’t smarter and more hard-working than 99.99% of all niggers who ever set foot in a university are very, very, very, very…

…very, very, very small.

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