College Administrator: “Whites Aren’t Even Human – Unless They Embrace Suicide”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2017

The modern college is optimized for the most humble of it’s attendant, the negro.

Oh, colleges.

You provide us with an endless supply of arguments for why we need to bring fascism back.

Campus Reform:

A University of Colorado, Denver administrator worries that white children may “forfeit their humanity” if they aren’t raised by sufficiently progressive parents.

In an academic article, Naomi Nishi, who facilitates educational programs for professors and periodically teaches classes, argues that parents should employ “critical race parenting” to prevent white children from committing “racial microaggressions” against their peers.

Who is this bitch? With a name like Naomi Nishi, you’d assume she’s some kind of Jap or hybrid.

Well, akshually

My Jewdar is going off like crazy on this broad.

What the hell is a Jew (or Jew-presenting White, whatever) doing with a name like “Nishi?” Is she trying to score some of those “diversity” points she so clearly craves?

And look at the pedigree on this bitch:

“Critical race theory,” huh? We’re hitting levels of cultural Marxism that shouldn’t even be possible.

She’s made an entire career out of hating White people.

Nishi goes on to suggest that white people are “constantly wielding racial microaggressions,” and that over time these microaggressions can cause “racial battle fatigue,” noting that children of color are especially susceptible to the “self-hatred” this causes.

White children, on the other hand, are especially prone to committing racial microaggressions because they “learn a complicated dance of whiteness” that teaches them not only to “maintain and defend whiteness,” but to do so while claiming to be “colorblind.”

Although her article focuses mainly on her own experiences as a parent, Nishi’s essay is preoccupied with whiteness among children, eventually asserting that “whites, to pay for their embracing of whiteness, forfeit their own humanity.”

We forfeit our humanity… and become cartoon frogs.

She’s straight up saying that Whites who love themselves are inhuman. How does that statement fare, when applied to others? For example, to the Jews?

“Jews who embrace Jewishness forfeit their humanity.”

Actually, that sounds about right.

But in general, how is such a statement not an endorsement of genocide?

“Thus whites enter into this Faustian exchange even as children and begin the ‘sadomasochistic’ relationship where in their work to love whiteness, their souls waste away as they are quietly tearing themselves from humanity and real love,” she writes.

“Real love,” lol.

Yeah, nationalists who love their people and their families miss out on real love, which is between a man and third-world primitives and trannies.

Reminder: Going into academics will involve being bossed around by people a lot like “Naomi Nishi.” It’s bad for your soul.