Colin Cleanse: QAnon Theorists Use Death of Beloved Neocon War Hoaxer to Attack Forced Vax

It would have been very easy for the government/media to have just said that Colin (pronounced “Colon”) Powell died from cancer and being 84 years old. There was no reason to add “Covid” to this.

I mean – he was literally in the hospital, being treated for cancer.

But for some reason, the government/media said he died of Covid, and made a big deal about how he was totally vaxed up.

Of course people who don’t want to take this vax are going to point to that and say “you people said that if you took the vax you become immortal and never die.”

The Washington Post:

He was the youngest chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was the first Black American to become secretary of state. And in his prime, he was one of the most respected leaders in the country.

But within hours of the public announcement Monday that Colin Powell died of complications from covid-19 despite a full course of vaccination, some conservative officials and media personalities tried to make him something else: A prominent reason to doubt the coronavirus vaccines’ utility and question the political and health officials urging Americans to get them.

Tucker Carlson opened his prime-time Fox News program Monday evening by telling his viewers that Powell’s death shows that they’ve “been lied to” about the vaccines’ ability to quash the pandemic. “Vaccines may be highly useful for some people, but across the population, they do not solve covid,” Carlson said.

Fox News’s Will Cain declared Powell’s death a “very high-profile example that’s going to require more truth,” implying doubts about the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccines.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., who has frequently minimized the significance of covid, wrote on Twitter: “Post-vaccine breakthrough infection kills more people than Iraq’s WMD’s ever did,” a reference to the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction that were used by Powell, who led George W. Bush’s State Department, and others as a reason to go to war in Iraq.


That’s a difficult sentence, WaPo.

Powell, who was 84 and immunocompromised, fit perfectly into a demographic that remains vulnerable to infections despite vaccination. His age puts him at a higher risk for covid-19, and he was battling a blood cancer that’s known to make vaccines less effective. He also suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

“He had two strikes against him already,” said Celine Gounder, an infectious-diseases specialist who was on President Biden’s covid advisory board during the transition, referring to Powell’s age and medical condition. “He was just not going to respond as well to the vaccines.”

So what was the difference between his death and the deaths of all of the other people who supposedly died from COVID NINE-TEEN?

The average age of death is always – in every country – higher than the average life expectancy.

The only people who were ever threatened by the alleged virus were people in their 80s with cancer.

That has been true since the original “outbreak” in Italy in February of 2020, nearly two years ago.

What the medical establishment has claimed outright is that these vaccines can make you immortal.

If they can’t save cancer patients in their 80s from dying, they have no purpose, because those were the only people who were ever dying of the alleged virus.

But in a political moment where every public health strategy to mitigate the virus has been politicized, public health experts said they expect Powell’s death to be misconstrued to feed a narrative that the vaccinations do not work.

“They’re looking for reasons to not get vaccinated, to convince people not to get vaccinated, to say it’s a futile, useless act,” Gounder said. “Why that is, I just do not understand.”

Using Powell’s death to raise questions about the vaccines also plays into an effort on the right to minimize the impact of and need for getting the shots, even though public health experts across the globe have consistently said that high rates of vaccination are needed to end the pandemic.

Republican officials are nearly universally opposed to businesses and governments mandating the coronavirus vaccines. But a segment of the party has gone further, publicly questioning the science and efficacy behind mitigation measures.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said Sunday on Fox News of the vaccines: “The mounting data shows that they’re not working or are as safe as we all hoped and prayed they would be.” The vaccines, developed in record time, have far exceeded public health officials’ efficacy expectations against serious infections and death.


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Their expectations were that the vax would somehow do something other than nothing?

There is no difference in positive tests in vaxed countries, and according to the CDC, more people have died from the virus since the vax was deployed.

The White House acted swiftly to tamp down any notion that Powell’s death undermines the vaccines. When asked Monday about Powell’s death, Biden noted his medical history. “He had serious underlying conditions,” Biden said. “That’s the problem.” He added that Americans should “absolutely” get vaccinated.

During a White House briefing Monday, press secretary Jen Psaki emphasized how unusual it is for breakthrough infections to lead to death.

“There are extremely rare cases of deaths or hospitalizations among fully vaccinated individuals,” Psaki said when asked about Powell. “Underlying health issues, fighting other diseases is something that can lead to greater risk.”

No one without an underlying health issue was alleged to have died from the supposed virus in the first place.

So literally, nothing has changed.

The vaccine does not do anything.

And the fact that the media is making this big deal out of Colin (pronounced “Colon”) Powell dying while vaxed indicates to me that they’re planning to ramp up some new narrative about how the vax has failed because of the unvaxed, so now we have to go back into lockdowns to protect 84-year-old cancer patients.