Cold Steel WHO Bitch Announces Covid Variants to be Named After Greek Letters Instead of Countries

“No, not length – girth.”

Maria Van Kerkhove is the topline bitch at the WHO. As the COVID-19 lead scientist, she is considered¬†Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ side piece. But many believe her to be his main squeeze.

Many consider them a power couple, like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

“This her be mah side bitch, seen yaimsayin? My main squeeze is the mega mama, see?”

The Boss Ass Bad Bitch Van Kerkhove said Monday that they’re going to stop referring to all these virus variants by the name of the nation they came from and start referring to them by Greek letters.

This is good because it will prevent racism.

In America, white supremacist black people have been attacking Asians on the street randomly because Donald Trump told them the lie that the Chinese invented the virus in a lab.

Oh sorry, actually, the evil Chinese did invent the virus in a lab, but uhhhh… Indians could soon be attacked by blacks, or rather, blacks possessed with the spirit of white supremacy, because the media keeps saying “Indian variant” over and over again.

The question is: isn’t changing all the names to Greek letters just going to cause the blacks to attack Greeks?