Colbert Asks Simian Journalist About the Joys of White Genocide

Daily Stormer
October 4, 2017

One of the least funny men in television history, Stephen Colbert, seems to have gone full-whore for his Jewish Media Overlords.

This is not surprising. He’s always been a lefty, and with no weapons to speak of in his comedic arsenal other than a ham-handed snark impersonation of Bill O’Reilly (a character he milked until it’s udders bled) he has little to nothing left to offer in terms of actual humor or entertainment value.

Daily Caller:

Late night host Stephen Colbert asked guest Ta-Nehisi Coates Monday whether there would be more hope in America “as white people become the minority.”
Colbert asked Coates, “I’m not asking you to make sh*t up. I’m asking you if you personally see any chance for change in America?”

“Maybe, maybe,” Coates answered. “I would have to make sh*t up to actually answer that question in a satisfying way.”

Colbert then said, “What about the changing demographics in America? We have a constitutional system, democracy itself–while not rubber is plastic–and as the demographics change, as white people become the minority in the country which is coming, do you see a chance for?”

Coates interrupted, “Your question presumes there is a static definition of whiteness and this is the first time there’s been demographic change before…”

It is good that these people are either so comfortable in their cultural hegemony, or so unhinged at the rise of nationalism in America, or most likely both, that they are openly discussing our demise as a people and the inevitable tyranny that will come down on Whites as a result.

It’s even better that they discuss this as though it is inevitable and a thing to be celebrated.

Why is this so great?

Because it strikes at the heart of the Jewish narrative that has been fed to White conservatives for many decades now. Mainly, that America is not a distinct nation with a distinct people, but a giant “melting pot” where everything gets thrown in and mixed up until we have this massive brown blob of a populace, and then everything will be flowers and rainbows and pretty ponies.

It strikes further into the Jewish narrative that White conservatives have been feeding themselves, both for the purpose of virtue signaling, but more importantly, to salve their own fears about what is to come – that it doesn’t matter whether the country turns brown or not, so long as the new brown people all come here legally, are pro-gun, and love the Constitution.

Sorry Alex, but American Nationalism is once again on the rise. As it rises, you can either admit what is actually happening, or you can stick to your color blind blathering sprinkled between ads for penis juice.

But no one is going to listen to this nonsense much longer.

No matter how willfully blind the great masses of White American Conservatives have been when it comes to matters of race, even they will see the writing on the wall when the left continues to celebrate our loss of any political capital in every White nation.

When they do, most of them will join us. The rest will get out of the way.


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