Cohencidence: Media Says Netanyahu’s “Luck” Changed Thanks to Hamas Conflict

Among all of the other issues that surround the Israel-Palestine conflict, it is interesting that whenever Bibi Netanyahu is in trouble politically, there is all of a sudden a military conflict.

This is one of those funny coincidences that seem to always revolve around powerful Jews, and always seem to benefit them and no one else.


Israel is at war with Hamas, Jewish-Arab mob violence has erupted inside Israel, and the West Bank is experiencing its deadliest unrest in years. Yet this may all bolster Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Just over a week ago, the longtime Israeli leader’s political career seemed all but over. He had failed to form a coalition government following an indecisive parliamentary election, and his political rivals were on the cusp of pushing him out of office.

Now, as Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers wage their fourth war in just over a decade, Netanyahu’s fortunes have changed dramatically. His rivals’ prospects have crumbled, Netanyahu is back in his comfortable role as Mr. Security, and the country could soon be headed for yet another election campaign that would guarantee him at least several more months in office.

The stunning turn of events has raised questions about whether Netanyahu’s desperation to survive may have pushed the country into its current predicament. While opponents have stopped short of accusing him of hatching just such a conspiracy, they say the fact that these questions are being asked is disturbing enough.

“If we had a government, security considerations would not be mixed with political considerations,” opposition leader Yair Lapid wrote on Facebook. “No one would ask themselves why the fire always breaks out just when it’s most convenient for the prime minister.”

Of course, no one could really say this was a coincidence.

Jewish anti-Arab pogroms started up inside Israel’s currently-declared borders. Instead of telling the Jews doing the pogroms to knock it off, as Bibi normally would, he sent in the military to help them. Then he sent the military to attack a mosque. Finally, he got his bottle rockets from Gaza, and then started bombing them all to hell.

It’s a pretty straightforward situation of “I’ve got a political problem, let me go ahead and start a war.”