Cocksucking Frenchman Attacks America in Speech to America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

Seriously, who the fuck does this asshole think he is?

We bombed Damascus over a gassing hoax which probably didn’t happen and definitely wasn’t done by the country’s leader.

How in the fuck are we going to defend not bombing Paris over this speech?

Millions of French deserve to die for this. It is a violation of my human rights, the shit this prick just said.


French President Emmanuel Macron has used his rare speech to the joint houses of the US Congress to denounce nationalism and isolationism.

Mr Macron said such policies were a threat to global prosperity.

US leader Donald Trump has been accused of stoking nationalism and promoting isolationism with his policies.

But Mr Macron said that the US had invented multilateralism and now needed to reinvent it to create a new 21st Century world order.

The French president was given a three-minute standing ovation as he took his place in the chamber for his speech.

Mr Macron said isolationism, withdrawal and nationalism “could be tempting” as a “temporary answer” but they “would not douse, only inflame, the fears of our citizens”.

He said: “We will not let the rampaging work of extreme nationalism shake a world full of hopes for greater prosperity.”

He said the UN and the Nato military alliance might not be able to fulfil their mandates and assure stability if the West ignored the new dangers arising in the world.

I guess the big brain chessmaster analysis would be “see, Macron hates America but still loves Trump, so Trump must be really super great.”

Well, I’m sick of that analysis.

In response to this speech, I want to something like this on the streets of Paris:

I want the US to send funding and weapons to some kind of French version of Pol Pot.

We didn’t start this.

Our leader didn’t go to France and give a speech like “oh, everything in France is total shit, you all suck.”

But it’s our job to finish it – both with bombs and by funding terrorist groups inside of France to permanently destabilize the nation.

Macron thought this was a game.

He’s about to learn: we don’t play games.

We bomb people and fund terrorist groups in their countries.