Cocksucker McCarthy Attacks the Taliban for No Reason

“My name is Kevin McCarthy and I have called this press conference to announce once again that I will be attempting to suck my own cock – again.”

No one will explain what the Taliban did wrong.

These people invaded their country on a trumped-up hoax, and now they’ve lost the war because they didn’t have the resources to keep occupying the country.

Literally the only thing the Taliban did was fight to defend their country. That’s it. Period. No one will ever be able to explain to you something else they did, because that is the only thing they ever did.

It’s actually the same thing they did when Russia invaded them, and the US made the same arguments I’m making now back then, saying they were just defending their country, while Russia was accusing them of being Islamic radicals, like Kevin McCarthy is now.

It’s all stupid and dumb and gay and I hate it.

False slanders and debunked conspiracy theories.

“Humanitarian crisis” means “these sluts getting raped back into line.”

This intelligence talking point is being widely used by Republicans and the Jew media alike.

Watch this video of this Tajiki skank whining about how she’s gonna get seriously mega-raped.

Then look at these ruff ryders on their way to mega-rape her.

Then chuckle softly to yourself and vote Taliban 2024 – brought to you by Toyota.

Maybe instead of whining like a faggot about some shithole on the other side of the earth, Kev should use the time he has in-between attempts to guzzle his own cock to say something about the fact that the Department of Homeland Security and the entire Jew media has just labeled the voters that he is supposed to represent a terrorist movement, and is presently on CNN and MSNBC justifying killing them?

It’s just unbelievable that in the middle of a domestic crisis, these Republicans are capable of saying “oh no, look – over there, on the other side of the globe! Something is going on over there that is so very bad!”

Who is agreeing to tolerate this bullshit from these shitbags?

Liz Cheney was tarred and feathered, but to this day, neither Sean Hannity nor Rush Limbaugh has explained to me what the difference is between Cheney and McCarthy. What position do they differ on – specifically?

You can probably throw Donald Trump in there with those two as well at this point, frankly. What is he doing? I don’t even know what he’s doing because he’s banned from everything because the orange oaf was too dense to do something about censorship while he was in office. He was too busy threatening the Chinese and promoting a deadly vaccine.

His boy Mike Pompeo just had some kind of disastrous liposuction that appears to have accidentally sucked out some of his vital organs.

Maybe he’s gone on a low-carb diet of the flesh of infants.

He’s still on the circuit – shilling for Israel with big Papa Sean.


Goodnight Saigon, you waterheaded alien-looking bitch.

Enjoy the Taliban bombardment of your gooey hole, you stupid bimbo.

You should have submitted, Mashallah.

When two dozen d00dz is on top of you, you’re not going to be thinking about what you’re going to study or where you’re going to spend your gap year – you’re just going to be hoping you get to keep your crooked teeth!


Taliban wins.

Flawless victory.