Coca-Cola to Hungary: “It’s Time for a Suppository of Man-Meat”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

Coca-Cola is among the top brands righteously attempting to bully their customer base into getting fucked up the ass. They recently led a campaign of brutal anal destruction against the peaceful Christian nation of Hungary.

Because these are our values. The values of Western civilization are that you should get fucked up the ass. The literal definition of freedom is “the feeling you get when another man’s penis is being rammed up your butthole.”

Love is love. And the purest expression of love is a man jamming his cock up another man’s asshole.

That’s what human rights is all about.

Bay Area Reporter:

An advertising campaign, “Love is Love,” launched by the Coca-Cola Company ahead of a progressive music festival in Budapest, Hungary last week has led to political leaders calling for a boycott of the global soft drink company.

Coke blanketed Budapest with images of couples — including lesbians and gay men — kissing and in friendly intimate poses at train stations, bus stops and other parts of the city. They were posted on the company’s Hungarian Facebook page August 1. The ad campaign led up to the Sziget Festival that ran August 7-13.

Along with the images the posters were emblazoned with statements such as, “Zero Sugar, Zero Prejudice.”

The ads led to some backlash from the country’s conservative leaders.

Hungarian Deputy Speaker and Parliament Member István Boldog, along with conservative media outlets, called for a boycott of Coke products until the ads are removed.

An accompanying online petition for the boycott garnered 39,700 signatures toward its 50,000 goal as of August 13.

A translated version of the petition points out that most international corporations don’t run ads with openly gay content and called Coke’s campaign a test.

“If Hungarian society accepts this, there will be more such steps. Posters, commercials, films, rainbow products, etc. and will become increasingly difficult to stop,” the petition stated.

Coke isn’t backing down from its campaign.

A company spokesperson said in a statement to media outlets that it “strives for diversity, inclusion, and equality in our business, and we support these rights in society as well.”

“As a long-standing supporter of the LGBTQI community, we believe everyone has the right to love the person they choose. The campaign currently running in Hungary reflects these values,” the statement read.

The company hasn’t seen a drop in sales in Hungary due to the controversy, said the spokesperson.

Even if they do lose money, they need to keep pushing hard – thrusting with vigor, as a man would thrust his penis into another man’s rectum in order to demonstrate his deep love.

A million ways to say “fuck me up the ass.” 

Hungary must be cleansed of their hatred, and it is primarily the job of soft drink companies to do this cleansing, since they are the ones with the ad budget.

This is all a part of multinational mega-corporations learning to be kind and caring in an age when people do not think that these companies are so good.

However, due to the efforts of Coca-Cola, more Hungarian men than ever before are getting fucked up the ass. And this proves that capitalism isn’t evil.

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