Coalburner is Missing After Meeting with a Black She Found Online

Daily Stormer
December 16, 2017

Unidentified Black she met online.

Chances of her being dead are 90%.

Chances of crack whoring are 10%.

There are no other percents.


A haunting Facebook Live video shot from the passenger seat of an unknown driver’s car is the last image a Michigan father has from his daughter.

Soon after the footage was shot, the woman called from a Wake Forest Baptist Trauma Center phone in Winston Salem, N.C., saying, “We were robbed; my clothes, my money, my phone.”

The phone call abruptly ended. She has not been heard from since.

Jessica Lynn Andress, 26, left St. Ignace at 11:15 Thursday morning on a bus to meet a man she had met online. By Friday evening, her father, James Andress Sr. of St. Ignace, contacted the Winston Salem Police Department. It is not clear if she met a friend to travel with at a Detroit stop.

Jessica Lynn Andress.