Coalburner Heidi Klum Pleases Niglets by Halloweening as Their Favorite Character

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

What is it with niglets and Shrek?

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about these vicious apes it’s that they’re fascinated with this character. These movies are like over a decade old and I still see roaming niglets in these t-shirts.

And it isn’t just the kids – adults on Black Twitter are all-in on Shrek.

I would go so far as to say most of Black Twitter has something to do with Shrek.

Even actual Africans are in this Shrek thing BIGLY.

What is going on here?

What is this strange relationship between Shrek and the blacks?

Do they think he is also black? I think it has to have something to do with the fact he is not white. They associate with him and his struggle to do whatever it is he’s doing (I’ve never seen the movies).

This clip I just found on YouTube appears to show that the Shreks are uncomfortable trying to behave in white society.

So if that’s the theme of the films, then yeah – I guess this is pretty self explanatory.

This Heidi Klum bitch though – wow, talk about screwing a pooch – she screwed the ape and has three mutant trophies to show for it.

Look at the poor white one. I feel bad for her. Lol, jk, I’m sure she’s as much of a whore as her sickening mother.

For those who may not recall, Klum is a German bitch who was a model in the 90s.

She married a straight-up Zulu Warrior Kang with the face scars to show he’d had a spear chucked right at his nigger face.

Word is, every time she shit out another niglet she went to the Jews and said “now will you forgive me for gassing you?” and every time they said “sorry, we’re going to need another one before we can consider that request.” Then finally on number three she gave up.

Now she’s dating a soy-hipster 15 years younger than her and trying to make up for the lost youth she gave to the nigger.

Look at her with him and the nig-brigade.

The fuck is wrong with these people? 

He did the Shrek thing too.

I gotta say, everything else aside, those are very impressive costumes.

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If anyone deserves to be forgiven by Jews for the Holocaust, it is these make-up artists.

But they won’t be forgiven for the Holocaust.

No one will ever be forgiven for the Holocaust.

Tell your daughters: no matter how many niggers you fuck, no matter how many niglets you pop out, you will always be guilty of the 6 million, so you might as well just forget about it.