Coalburner Gets Stabbed by Nagger Pet – Nog Arrested While Stabbing a Hobo

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

Teresa Priestley.

Look, I get it. Naggers are violent.

This guy seems to have a bit of a knife fetish though.


A Pennsylvania woman called 911 to report her ex-boyfriend was attacking her before she was found dead with stab wounds, PEOPLE confirms.

Bensalem Police Public Safety Director Fred Harran tells PEOPLE that shortly before 7 a.m. on Monday, Teresa Priestley called 911 when William Table began attacking her after she got into her car outside her home.

About a minute later, police received a second 911 call reporting a car crash less than a quarter-mile away from the knife attack, says Harran. Officers arrived to find Priestley dead on arrival after she drove away from the site of the attack with mortal stab wounds.

The stabbing set off a 12-hour manhunt for Table, who was arrested by Philadelphia police that evening after he allegedly stabbed a homeless man, says Harran.

William Table.