Coal Patrol: White Man With a “Disdain” for Interracial Couples Runs Over Black Man and His White Girlfriend

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2019

James Descant, 50

With all of these coal burner whores around, it’s surprising we don’t hear about similar incidents more often.

Daily Mail:

A white Louisiana man with a ‘disdain’ for mixed race relationships has been arrested for running down an interracial couple in his suburban truck, cops say.

James Descant, 50, was arrested on April 17 on charges including hate crimes and aggravated assault.

He was in his truck around 9pm on April 16 when he saw a black man, 32, and a white woman, 31, standing outside a Birdie gas station in Metairie and accelerated towards them.

The couple say Descant deliberately swerved left in an attempt to hit them.

Descant hit the woman, injuring her hip, wrist, and foot. Her boyfriend managed to jump out of the way, according to

She was taken to Ochsner Medical Center for treatment, where they determined she suffered a broken foot.

Descant allegedly attacked them on account of their interracial relationship, according to Capt. Jason Rivarde of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. The couple reportedly did nothing to provoke Descant’s attack.

The man told deputies that Descant used a racist slur to describe their relationship and threatened to kill him before the attack.

There’s a very primal response you should feel when seeing white women with black men.

Do you feel the fire?

White women are the breeding property of white men.

“Interracial couples” being a thing means black men are accessing your stuff without your permission.

You should be feeling robbed, insulted, and threatened, because blacks are stealing from you, insulting your manhood, and threatening the survival of your race by stealing your reproductive vessels. They’re doing this thanks to the Jews, who invested lots of money and resources into making white women see these subhuman apes as the superior choice.

Everything these niggers have today that is not a hut made out of mud and feces, they have because whites have given it to them. The great achievement of the Jews in this front is having successfully blinded white women to the fact that everything good in the world today was created by white men.

In this context, yeah, I understand the wrath of this Louisiana man and I know many of you feel this wrath.

The thing is that these coal burners getting run over by a car are not worth you going to prison. They’re not worth James Descant going to prison, just as they’re not worth any of our men going to prison.

We have to pick our fights wisely.

Invest your efforts into things that bring long-term gains to our cause. Your people need you.

These whores are not worth shit.

Your wrath is fuel and you can use fuel to drive yourself towards victory or waste it running down some nigger and his whore.

Choose wisely.