CNN’s No Good, Very Bad Week

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2018

CNN has had a pretty bad week, even for them.

Their Russia hoaxing has backfired on them, and they are still constantly misquoting Trump when their lies are easily disproven by actually reading the quote.

CNN is a complete circus, with most people just watching it to see a shitshow. They had almost a 30% ratings drop in 2017, so people were just like “this is too goofy, I can’t take it anymore.” In fact, I have no doubt that the drop in regular viewers was bigger than 30%, bu that they also increased their viewership among people who previously hadn’t cared about news but are tuning into CNN to see the shitshow.

It’s entertaining. I don’t have a television in my home, but I turn on the YouTube stream sometimes just to gawk at it. It’s just a 24 hour Trump-hate network, and the hosts themselves are becoming emotionally unhinged.

These people are not newspeople, mind you. And I don’t mean that in the sense of “journalists have turned into political activists,” but in the literal sense that they are just television actors. All of their material is scripted for them. So they are hired for their ability to perform for the camera, purely, not because of their intellectual abilities. The writers themselves are also unhinged, and are feeding material to unhinged individuals who don’t really have any real understanding of what they are being paid to talk about.

And it has become like, Jerry Springer-tier.

The only thing better than watching it is watching clips of it while Tucker Carlson gives commentary.

But it’s still a bad thing.

People who watch it for the shitshow are still being given lies that appear to be facts and the human brain has a really, really hard time distinguishing between the truth and a complicated and well-presented lie.