CNN’s Hardline New Attack on Trump: He’s a Racist Who Uses Mean Words

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

CNN’s Don Lemon has come up with a creative, new and innovatively decimating attack on Donald Trump: he has accused him of being a racist.

Trump withstood being called a pussy-grabber, a Russian shill, an orange face with a bad haircut, a small handed man who also maybe has a small penis – but can he withstand being accused of racism?

Probably not.

This new line of attack from high yellow Lemon comes after Trump referred to the breeding rate of Mexicans using the term “breeding.”

Clearly, if Trump’s heart wasn’t filled with hatred for the color of the skin, he would have used a synonym.

Such as… “copulating and reproducing offspring.”

Of course, Mexicans obviously do breed like rats… and this does appear to be a racial conquest strategy…

But that doesn’t mean it is okay to say it out loud like that.

Or Tweet it.

Because you know, people have feelings.

And when those feelings are hurt, well – is there really anything worse than that?

Drumpf might finally be finished this time.