#CNNBlackmail: Andrew Kaczynski Responds to the Pressure

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2017

CNN is backing up their shill reporter who hunted down a guy for making a meme, but the world is coming down hard on Andrew Kaczynski.

His response: “This is fine.”

Since hell broke loose over the #CNNBlackmail scandal, Kacz has tweeted sparsely.

Initially, just after the backlash began (moments after the story dropped), Kacz brought attention to the fact HanAssholeSolo made an anti-Semitic meme targeting CNN reporters.

Apparently he was attempting to communicate that if you make a meme like that, any form of abuse against you is then justified.

Then he claimed the threat wasn’t a threat. People were misunderstanding it.

I don’t think they even want people to think it isn’t a threat. The whole purpose of the threat is to threaten the internet: “if you try to make fun of us anonymously – God help you if you point out the number of Jews we have working for us – we will hunt you down, publicly post your information and put your life – and the lives of your family – in danger.”

Remember, Brian Stelter asked for this meme-maker to be hunted.

Kacz then focused in on the claim that he is 15-years-old, which appears to have been made up by the rat bastard anti-freedom of speech activist Jack Posobiec.

I have warned about the liar Posobiec many times. His entire Twitter feed is all stuff he makes up, which he tries to make certain is non-falsifiable. Turns out this was falsifiable – an archived post shows HanAssholeSolo saying he was a teenager at the time of the Hubble Telescope launch, meaning he would be in his forties – and he got burned. Regrettably, he burned the whole movement with this claim. Hopefully, this will be the last straw, and Posobiec will be exiled.

Note that the filthy lying rat also claimed that HanAssholeSolo is a cocksucking faggot – he defamed a meme martyr.

He deleted those tweets after it became clear he couldn’t get away with the lie – but not before a scandal was created, and CNN was given the “out” of focusing on that detail rather than on the threat itself.

Surely, enough is now enough with this piece of shit.

However, Posobiec’s filthy lying hoaxery is irrelevant, as HanAssholeSolo’s age is not a point especially relevant to this story.

But Kacz seems to think it is very important. Most of his tweets in the past 24 hours have been about this.

Then on Wednesday, CNN issued a statement on the controversy, also addressing the claim that HanAssholeSolo is 15.

This is while their reporters were all on TV talking about it. That is, talking about the fact that someone made this meme and how mean it was and how CNN was really just being too nice and doing the guy a favor by not revealing his name. After all, he’s an anti-Semite.

Kacz then tweeted about how this backlash isn’t the only thing going wrong in his life.

Finally, he tweeted that Donald Trump, Jr. is tweeting false information – both about HanAssholeSolo being 15 and about him deleting a tweet from 2012 to the Jew sister of Jew Mark Zuckerberg regarding the misuse of people’s personal information.

Kacz is right that he never deleted that tweet – it’s still up.

So, will CNN throw him under the bus for this?

I’ve no idea what CNN is thinking right now. Although throwing him under the bus at this point would be an admission of guilt.

Food for Thought

A dimension here that no one is perhaps paying all that much attention to is that CNN is making money off of this. I’m sure Wednesday was one of their highest ratings days so far this year.

It might be wrong to even think they’re concerned about their credibility. Unlike the New York Times, their credibility does not have a direct affect on their ratings, necessarily. Straight-up fake news is not going to be as popular as real news, all things being equal. However, with television, all things are not equal, as there is the element of entertainment there, which keeps people tuning in and keeps the network making commercial money whether or not what they’re saying is true.

There’s also the fact that CNN has interviews and so on with real people, where you get to see them talking. They show real video of things happening. And that is always going to be real (though they might selectively edit it), regardless of how many lies the hosts tell.

So we should remain aware that the situation between the print media and the television media is totally different. The NYT is collapsing financially because of their credibility crisis, while CNN is not.

It is possible that CNN has totally given up on trying to remain a credible news source. Of course, Jews would prefer if it was considered credible, because that makes it easier to get people to believe their dirty Jew lies, but as long as people are tuning in for entertainment purposes, or to see interviews and live updates on the latest things happening, they’re going to be able to lie to people. People will be more critical, but they will still be listening to lies and presumably believing some of them.