CNN Uber-Cunt Harlow Pressures YouTube CEO to Ban QAnon, Election Results

As we all know very well, it isn’t so much the Jews in the tech industry that are directing the banning of all kinds of content, it is the Jews in the media.

Of course, the Jews in the tech industry tend to go along with it, but they do also offer some pushback, in part because it harms their profits and in part because they don’t want to take the responsibility.

The media on the other hand is absolutely obsessed with censoring anyone who disagrees with them. This is a ridiculous, very straightforward and unambiguous conflict of interest, given that this is their direct competition they are calling to have shut down.

It was not tech companies that censored Andrew Anglin or Alex Jones. We were targeted by the media, and tech companies resisted for months.

The third party, of course, are the Jewish special interest groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center (not so much the latter these days, but back in my day). But it is the media that promotes these groups as relevant. If it weren’t for the media constantly quoting them, no one would know who they were.

Now that virtually everything of any interest has already been censored by the tech companies at the behest of the media, the media has turned its sights to QAnon. The Jewish CEO of YouTube recently appeared on CNN and was grilled by the cunt host about why she hasn’t completely silenced all of these people.


For years, YouTube has faced challenges over the types of content it removes, from terrorist propaganda and hate speech to misinformation about vaccines. It’s now struggling over what to do about the QAnon conspiracy theory.

In an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow for the Boss Files podcast, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stopped short of pledging to ban QAnon followers on the platform.

Can you believe that this bossy bitch literally calls her show “the Boss Files”?

We have to get women out of public life and we have to do it quickly.

“We’re looking very closely at QAnon,” Wojcicki said. “We already implemented a large number of different policies that have helped to maintain that in a responsible way.”

Believers of the far-right conspiracy theory, which first appeared three years ago, have embraced a number of different and sometimes contradictory ideas. But the basic false beliefs underlying QAnon are claims about a cabal of politicians and A-list celebrities engaging in child sex abuse, and a “deep state” effort to undermine President Trump.

“President Trump” is the key word there.

In any normal reality, even one in which you have monopoly companies capable of unilaterally deciding what people are allowed to think, you would have protections on interfering in elections.

We do not live in a normal or even marginally serious reality.

Wojcicki pointed to changes made to YouTube’s recommendation system, which she said have reduced viewership of QAnon content by more than 80%. She said “a lot” of QAnon-related content would be classified in what YouTube calls “borderline content” — which doesn’t explicitly break its rules.

“We also have already removed a lot of it, in terms of hundreds of thousands of videos because it could violate other parts of our policies: hate, harassment, Covid information,” Wojcicki said. “There’s been quite a lot of videos that have been taken down or the views have been reduced.”

Harlow asked Wojcicki about the hesitation to ban QAnon on YouTube, especially as the FBI has called followers a potential domestic terror threat. She did not provide a clear answer.

Yes, law enforcement itself would be the fourth party here.

They don’t actually believe that QAnon is a terrorist conspiracy, and the reason they release these reports is to give the media fuel in their censorship campaign.

For some reason, people in the government really, really don’t want people talking about a satanic pedophile conspiracy.

Queen Cunt Harlow also demanded that Wojcicki commit to banning Donald Trump from declaring election victory.

Harlow also asked Wojcicki about YouTube’s plan for election night. Wojcicki repeatedly dodged questions on whether she makes the final call on decisions, such as taking down content from presidential candidates prematurely declaring victory. She declined to comment on hypothetical examples or scenarios.

“We have virtual war rooms to make sure that we have all the right people. We can make those decisions very quickly. We have people who are scouting the internet. We have an intelligence desk,” she said. “We will have the full set of information and everyone ready to make sure that we are making the right calls.”

It is actually totally beyond all of this other stuff that the media is now trying to censor the president, and claiming that if he claims victory in the election, the masses of people have to be prevented from knowing that he did that.

That is some really hardcore shit.