CNN: “To Save Their Planet, We Have to Kill Their Jobs”

CNN has posted a think piece to Twitter, which they also presumably aired on their TV station, explaining that because of the fight against global warming that the Biden Administration is leading, they will have to destroy the jobs of many normal Americans.

The quote in the tweet is: “To save their planet, we have to kill their jobs.”

Of course, most jobs have already been killed by the coronavirus hoax. Even if people are still working at some of those jobs, they won’t have survived this attack by the government, because there is no way the government can keep printing money at this rate.

Of course, I wrote all of this stuff a year ago, so none of it surprises me. But I’m sure it must surprise someone to see CNN being so frank about a plan to kill jobs. This is the same network that is also pushing for totally unlimited immigration from the third world.

They were formerly claiming that unrestricted immigration is good for the economy. Now, however, they mainly appear to be framing it as punitive, a punishment for normal white people who lived too well after slavery and the Holocaust.

From sea to shining sea, the goyim must pay the price.

Of course, none of the people whose jobs are going to be affected by all of these “climate change” moves that the Biden Administration is making are paying attention to CNN: they are all watching Fox News, and hearing about the terrible genocide against the Moslems by the Chinese, and how it is our duty as Americans to defend the anal freedoms of the Taiwanese.

It just all makes you sick, how stupid all of these people are, and how easy it is to do this to them. But remember: the average peasant is no dumber than ever, and might actually be smarter in some ways. What has changed is that our aristocracy has been deleted, and replaced with Jews and criminal con artists, who hate normal American peasants and want to see them suffer.

This symbiotic relationship between the Jews and the status-sucking white middle management class needs to be further examined, as it is much more important than the fact that peasants can be manipulated into thinking humans can change the weather or that Chinamen are responsible for their personal problems.

The peasants literally do not matter, they will literally go along with anything. In 2016, let’s be real – people listened to Donald Trump basically saying that he was going to round up every single immigrant and ship them outside of the country. That’s what everyone heard. They heard that cops were going to be rolling up and grabbing groups of brown people, throwing them in vans, and moving them out.

And they voted for him, overwhelmingly.

This is to say: we have proof that even modern peasants will support a program that is good.

The point is: the peasants don’t matter, they will go along with anything, and trying to appeal to them right now is pointless.