CNN to Cut 300 People From Its Staff

Spartacus (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2019

CNN milked the Russia hoax for all it was worth. And their ratings were relatively good.

However, now that the Russia hoax has imploded in on itself, people are either angry that the media hoaxed them or they are depressed and not tuning in. This whole scandal with AG Barr somehow being a Russian or whatever is as much a result of the media wanting the party to keep on going as it is the result of Democrat politicians trying to justify all their lies.

You can’t lose a quarter of your business and not scale back your operation.

Unfortunately, these layoffs appear to be mostly behind-the-scenes people, not the “journalists” who work there.

Still, working for CNN in any capacity makes you scum, so this is good.

PJ Media:

CNN is planning to cut up to 300 jobs, “many being older employees with years at the network,” according to a report on Monday.

According to FTVLive, a website that monitors the television industry, “Word is that just under 200 people will be pink slipped and just over 100 will be offered a buyout.” Staffers are reportedly calling the cuts a “massive brain drain” because so many veteran employees are being given pink slips.

Oh, a “brain drain” LOL.

Running a network that probably hasn’t turned a profit since before most people reading this were born, and exists solely from subsidies it gets for telling lies that nobody watches, must involve some valuable skills.

The website obtained an email that Tony Maddox, the executive vice president and managing director of CNN International, shared with staff announcing his departure. “After 21 years I am leaving CNN,” Maddox wrote on Monday. “It has been the honor of my life to work for, and then lead CNN International. What a privilege to make a living doing such important work with truly outstanding people.”

“I always feel enormous pride when I say I am with CNN,” he continued. “This really is a remarkable company. Working for it is real life, amplified. Everything is more intense, vivid, and in the end, so rewarding.”

Maddox said he is looking forward to “a rest” and expressed gratitude for the “extraordinary relationships” that made his time at CNN worthwhile.

What kind of man would be capable of saying such inept lies about some soulless, corporate bullshit factory with a straight face?

Ah. Yes. That’s the kind I would have expected.

The reported cuts come just as CNN is moving many of its New York operations and studios from the Time Warner Center to Hudson Yards.

Aidan McLaughlin, an editor for Mediaite, tweeted that, according to a CNN source, the cable network is not making layoffs, but “more than 100 staffers took part in a voluntary buyout program”

It’s not unusual for downsizing companies to offer voluntary buyouts, hoping to avoid layoffs, so we’ll have to wait and see if there is a need for cuts after the voluntary arrangements are agreed to.

The cuts come on the heels of devastating April ratings for CNN, with the lowest number of total viewers in five years. The network’s prime-time lineup plummeted 26 percent in April compared to the same month last year. CNN’s total audience in prime time was a pathetic 767,000. Compare that to Fox News, with 2.395 million viewers and third-place MSNBC with 1.660 million. CNN’s Cuomo Primetime was one of the hardest hit, with a mere 971,000 viewers in April — the worst month in the show’s history. Sean Hannity, Cuomo’s Fox counterpart in the 9 p.m. slot, dominated the ratings with a total audience of 3.086 million. Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight came in second, with 2.834 million viewers and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was third with 2.630 million viewers.

Losing over a quarter of your audience in a year… That’s gotta hurt.

That last part disgusted me though – the one about Rachel Maddow having almost as many viewers as Tucker.

This kike is one of the most annoying creatures I’ve ever seen in my life, not to mention one of the laziest trannies ever.

I mean seriously, he makes no effort to look like a woman. You’d think he could at least put on a wig.

Even if you agreed with his agenda, why would you watch this?

There’s no indication that the worst offenders — Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Manu Raju, Don Lemon, and Jim Acosta — are going anywhere. Likely it’s mostly the behind-the-scenes employees — who have nothing to do with the network’s editorial spin — slated lose their jobs. The (mostly white) men who are responsible for sending the ratings into a tailspin with their irresponsible reporting will no doubt keep their corner offices and their cushy multi-million dollar salaries.

The mostly what now?

How many “White men” does CNN actually have?

Doesn’t look like a lot of them to me…

The MSM might look like it’s a big deal, but remember – these people are only “successful” to some extent because they are a de facto oligopoly that is owned by the same group, namely Jews, and also because they have the power to stifle any real alternatives using (((corporate))) and (((governmental))) power.

If you really hate these rats, the best thing you could do to hurt them is to donate to alternative real media outlets, especially the one you’re reading right now.

In fact, you should do that right now.