CNN Says Trump is Planning to Refuse to Concede

On Friday, before the media decided that Joe Biden is now the president of America, CNN reported that Donald Trump is planning to refuse to concede the election under any circumstances.

This story is based on “anonymous sources.” The majority of that kind of story that CNN publishes are completely made up out of whole cloth, usually based on what they think is likely to happen in the future.

But sometimes, they do have sources. Trump’s White House leaks horribly, because he is surrounded by enemies.

I sure hope this is real news.


Facing a disappearing pathway to victory, President Donald Trump offered little indication on Friday he was prepared to concede defeat, leading those around him to wonder who might be able to reckon with a leader who has given virtually no thought to leaving the White House.

Even as vote totals now show him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in key battlegrounds, Trump has not prepared a concession speech and in conversations with allies in recent days has said he has no intention of conceding the election, people familiar with the matter said.

So far he has been bolstered in his stance by those closest to him, including his senior advisers and his adult sons, who have mounted an aggressive effort in the courts to challenge the results and have pressured other Republicans into defending him.

Top aides, including his chief of staff Mark Meadows, have not attempted to come to terms with the President about the reality of what is happening. Instead, they have fed his baseless claim that the election is being stolen from underneath him. That has led to some annoyance among staff, who believe Meadows is feeding the President’s baseless claim that the election is illegitimate.

Vice President Mike Pence — who has not been seen since the early hours of Wednesday morning — is doing his part to appease Trump by soliciting funds for his legal defense fund.

Trump is not scheduled to appear in public on Friday, though an appearance at some point has not been ruled out. He spent the morning angry and frustrated, watching television while griping more people weren’t defending him on the airwaves.

In a written statement on Friday afternoon, Trump signaled his intentions to continue waging legal battle.
“This is no longer about any single election. This is about the integrity of our entire election process,” he wrote. “We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law to guarantee the American people have confidence in our government. I will never give up fighting for you and our nation.”

A source familiar with some of the legal discussions behind the scenes said the President is starting to tell advisers he may not be able to pull out a come-from-behind victory.

The source pointed to Trump’s more modulated statement, that was drained of the bluster from Thursday night’s performance in the briefing room.

But even as Trump has acknowledged to some allies he recognizes the electoral math will not work in his favor, according to people familiar with the conversations, he has maintained that a prolonged court battle and corrosive rhetoric about election fraud would sow enough doubt to allow him to refuse to accept the results.

Two campaign advisers and one source close to the President said Trump will exhaust his legal avenues for fighting the results in several key battleground states before giving any consideration to conceding.

“He’s in fighting mode,” one source close to the President said. “He thinks it’s in his benefit to fight.”

While the reality of Trump’s impending loss has set in for many people close to the campaign, others are advising the President to continue fighting the outcomes and investigate claims of fraud.

Biden’s campaign voiced little concern at the prospect of Trump clinging to power.

“As we said on July 19, the American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House,” campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement.
The Trump campaign released a statement Friday morning making clear it will refuse to concede the election, calling any projections of Biden as the winner “false” and the race “far from final.”

“This election is not over,” Trump campaign general counsel Matt Morgan said in a statement.

The election absolutely is not over, and if Trump refuses to concede, he can win.

He can get everyone out in the streets. We’re already going into the streets. He can then use the military to arrest the media and the Democrats. Nothing is stopping him from doing that.

The Democrats probably cannot convince anyone who would have the ability to fight him to fight him after committing this insane election fraud in front of everyone. The FBI is corrupt to the core, but the rank and file isn’t going to go along with a coup. The military won’t.

So what do they have?

There won’t even be a war.

Trump can just say: “I’m staying in office, the media and the Democrats are being arrested by the military for treason and sedition. Okay thanks bye.”

That’s a little ways down the road.

What we need now is millions of people in the streets, across the country, making it so nothing moves in these cities.

Trump also needs to start having major, major rallies – all across the Midwest, and everywhere these votes have been hoaxed. Frankly, he should have already been doing that this week, but he needs to get on it right now. People need to know that they are fighting for him, that he is ready to do what needs to be done.

His presence makes that very much clearer to the people.

We are there for you, Mr. President.

Tell us what you want us to do.