CNN Says Killing Moslems in a Mosque is Just Like a Video Game

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2019

Radicalized bigots Jenni Marsh and Tara Mulholland wrote a piece for CNN explaining how killing Moslems in mosques is just like a video game. These women are telling young impressionable kids that killing invaders is fun and “reminiscent of first-person shoot’em up games.”

This is exactly what Candace Owens wants.


The footage is grainy and has a video-game aesthetic. But it soon becomes terrifyingly obvious that what is being filmed here is not a work of fiction. The video, which has not been verified by CNN, appears to show an unseen attacker opening fire on worshippers in a mosque, as if they were targets in a game.

Gaming culture was certainly present in the undertaking and stylization of Friday’s murders — the gun visible in the shot was visually reminiscent of first-person shoot ’em up games.

Really, CNN? That’s just how guns look. Stop trying to make this look fun.

Tom Chen, a professor in cyber security at City University in London, notes that the European Commission was pressing social media companies “to take down terrorist propaganda within one hour.” There are threats of possible future fines for noncompliance, “because most of the distribution happens within the first two hours of uploading a new video,” he adds.

Chen says that platforms like Twitter and Facebook rely on automated software to remove such materials. “If the terrorist video looks like a video game, it would be very hard for an automated classifier to tell the difference between that terrorist video and a video game,” he says.

These women are promoting anti-Moslem violence to white men.

Jenni Marsh

Tara Mulholland

They’re clearly aiming at radicalizing young white gamer men out of pure hatred for the color of the skin or whatever it is that makes them want to promote the killing of Moslems to the CNN audience.

You know who plays video games?


Is CNN telling you to subscribe to PewDiePie?