Venezuela: CNN Says Fake President Won Election That Didn’t Happen

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2019

CNN claimed that Juan Guaido won an election that didn’t happen in January.


Venezuela did not hold elections in January — and Guaido definitely did not win them. He did, however, try to seize power from Maduro by force in January with US backing — and then again in April. Both coup attempts failed and Maduro remains president with the support of millions of Venezuelans who still back him. But US officials have declared the Washington-friendly Guaido the country’s “legitimate” leader, so evidently this has been a confusing time for CNN’s intrepid reporters.

The report was finally corrected on Monday after being published on Sunday afternoon and remaining unfixed overnight. It now reflects the fact that Guaido was not elected, but “declared himself interim president” in January.

Who knows if this was on purpose or due to incompetence. It could really be either. But either is a very serious problem. CNN regularly makes these sorts of factual “mistakes,” and yet they are promoted as accurate, “verified” news by the rest of the media and various web platforms.

Meanwhile, the Daily Stormer virtually never makes mistakes – and certainly not suspicious mistakes that happen to coincide with our political agenda – yet we are hard-banned from Facebook.

Making up a fake election and claiming that Guaido won it is not that much more inaccurate than the rest of CNN’s reporting on Venezuela. They regularly claim that Guaido is “the president,” even though he is just a random guy trying to overthrow the government with the backing of the CIA.

This is harmful to our society. They are attempting to push us into a war based on false information.

And despite the fact that the censors claim to believe in libertarian principles, there is no competing message in the entire media. According to Libertarian theology, this means that there is no market demand for any form of media that is opposed to an invasion of South America based on false information.

If the consumer has made their decision, and they’ve decided that they want to be lied to in order to be tricked into a war, then we may want to consider going back to first principles with this whole libertarian ideology.

Maybe we should just return to free speech and the Constitution?