CNN Says Brandon is Incoherent

CNN chief correspondent Jeff Zeleny said that Joe Brandon is confused and speaking nonsense this week.

Zeleny himself was speaking nonsense about tests and pills, and other virus Omicron gibberish, but he was doing it on purpose.

There is clearly some kind of war going on in the media as to whether or not to just go ahead and completely throw Brandon under the bus and force him to resign. The media obviously has the absolute ability to do that. They can just go on TV nonstop and point out all of Brandon’s gibberish speech that right-wingers point out, and say he’s unfit.

But then that would mean Kamala Harris, who everyone hates. Literally, everyone hates this woman. She is possibly the single most hated public figure in all of human history. I can’t think of anyone who comes close.

The craziest part about it is that the decision appears to be completely in the hands of the media. I don’t see anyone else having input on this, other than obviously the people that fund the media (both through advertising, grants, and other means) who are the ones putting out these talking points.

Based on what has been in the WaPo lately, Jeff Bezos appears to be strongly on team Brandon. I have no idea what anyone else thinks.

They’ve really gotten themselves into a dilly of a pickle. The last semi-charismatic Democrat was Andrew “Nipples” Cuomo, who was thrown under the bus for telling a woman she looked pretty or whatever.

For the record, the slip up that Zeleny was pointing at was pretty minor compared to the standard Brandon fare.

“Nothing’s been good enough” is really not a very good response to a question about how well you think you’re doing your job, but I mean – this is the way he always talks.