American Pravda Part I: CNN Producer Captured on Video Admitting that Trump-Russia Kookspiracy is Bullshit

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas organization has begun focusing their attention on exposing the fake news media. They recently infiltrated CNN and captured some very interesting footage. They caught long time CNN producer John Bonifield admitting that the Trump-Russia kookspiracy is bullshit.

The video is currently the number one trending clip on YouTube.

Bonifield even reveals that CNN has focused on this Russia kookspiracy nonsense only because it has been good for ratings. They are feeding people who don’t like Trump a false narrative only because their audience hopes that it is true.

Bonifield also stated that the top Jew at CNN Jeff Zucker instructed the team to keep their focus on Russia after Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord.

This is another major blow to CNN’s credibility coming just after three of their propagandists were forced to resign over a fake Trump-Russia story.

Supposedly Project Veritas has more footage further exposing CNN of being the fake news operation that they are. Should be interesting to see what else they drop.

Mark Dice has also done a video on this.

At this point how can anybody argue against the federal government raiding and shutting down CNN? They are an organization openly operating against the interests of the American people by producing fake news.