CNN Planning to Beat You with a Stick Until You Accept the Deadly Vaxx

Maybe the real news story here is that we’re keeping an eye on the fink Charlie Kirk and his alleged transformation from an Israel-first super-mass-immigration activist into a supposed pro-America nationalist.

What a big ride for a man with such a tiny face!

Tucker is giving Weasel Kirk the benefit of the doubt – and the weasel is delivering the stick emails!


A CNN executive has hinted that there need to be more forceful measures to increase Covid vaccine uptake in the US, after grumbling about the issue in an email that he mistakenly sent to a conservative activist.

The peculiar message was revealed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who showed a screengrab of the email in question.

“FW: #NEWS: A majority of unvaccinated Americans say they’re unlikely to get the Covd-19 vaccine, regardless of outreach efforts,” read the email’s subject line.

The author of the email, identified by Carlson as CNN’s Washington bureau chief, wrote to a colleague: “This is the point re: carrot vs. stick. The carrot is no longer going to work…”

So: you have to beat them with a stick.

Although the Fox host didn’t identify him by name, CNN’s Washington bureau is currently headed by the network’s senior vice president, Sam Feist.

The suggestive commentary likely would have remained shielded from public scrutiny had the CNN bigwig in question not accidentally sent it to Charlie Kirk, a popular conservative activist and commentator.

CNN confirmed the authenticity of the email, but insisted that there was nothing newsworthy about its contents.

“The email, mistakenly sent to Kirk, was simply acknowledging that current vaccination incentives are losing steam,” the network said in a statement.

Kirk appeared on Carlson’s program to discuss the strange email.

“Is it CNN’s stated position now that they’re going to try to administer medicine under the threat of punishment?” the conservative pundit asked. Referring to the “carrot vs. stick” analogy used in the email, Kirk wondered aloud: “What does the stick look like in CNN’s world?”

The question most certainly is: why is a news channel attempting to coerce people into taking a vaccine in the first place?

It is one thing when you know they all have certain preferences politically, but when they start trying to change people’s behaviors that have nothing to do with them – that becomes somewhat inexplicable.

Obviously, they don’t just want every single person to take the vaxx – otherwise they would be complaining about the fact that according to Anthony Fauci, 40-50% of his own employees are refusing it.

Neither CNN nor any other news outlet asked him WHY his own employees are refusing his vaxx, let alone tried to use a stick on them to force them to take it.

It’s clear who they want to take the vaxx: you.

What is their stick?

How are they planning to “stick it to you”?

What even is this?

What is going on with this vaxx and these people?

If you think about it long enough, you do start to wonder if it isn’t some kind of mind control device.