CNN: Oh No, Look at One-Year-Old Kid in Hospital with Coronavirus, We Must Crush All Freedom

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CNN has published a fear-mongering piece about a one-year-old being hospitalized with the coronavirus, where the father urges people to get vaccinated.

Jewish parasite John Berman is on the case, with the segment amounting to a ritual Jew blood-letting.

The High Priests of Science have already stated that the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread. They allege the vaccine prevents death and helps people have a less severe form of the fake illness, so “vaccinate yourself so that other kids don’t suffer like my coronavirus-suffering kid does” is a claim that doesn’t even make sense in the context of the official coronavirus narrative, because vaccinated adults would still spread it to unvaccinated babies.

Of course, the end goal is to vaxx the babies too! The media is preparing the public for that.


An Arkansas father of a 1-year-old hospitalized with Covid-19 is telling people to get vaccinated so another parent doesn’t have to face the uncertainty and fear that he’s living with.

When Carter Butrum started showing cold-like symptoms last week, his parents got him tested for Covid-19. That test came back negative, but when the symptoms worsened Carter was tested again. This time, he tested positive.

(If you run the test enough times, everyone tests positive.)

Now the baby is in the hospital and has been put on oxygen. Carter’s mother is with him, but due to the hospital’s Covid-19 mitigation measures, his father, Kyle, and sister Kayden are unable to visit.

Kyle Butrum told CNN’s John Berman Friday that he’s heard from many people asking how they can help, and he appreciates that, calling it a “very nice gesture.”

“But the gravity of the situation is there’s nothing you can do to help me,” he told CNN’s John Berman Friday morning. “I can’t go to the hospital, I can’t even help him.”

The only thing you can do to prevent someone else from doing this is to get your vaccine so that another child doesn’t have to do this, and another family doesn’t have to send their kid away,” Butrum said, crying. “So another father doesn’t have to stand at the back of an ambulance and wonder if that’s the last time you’re going to see your son.”

“I hate to be so blunt about it, but there’s nothing you can do to help me,” he said. “The only thing you can do to help me is help the next person.”

Clearly, these young, stupid parents are being exploited by the Jews.

CNN has a history of using kids to manipulate people.

A kid being hospitalized with coronavirus is a statistical aberration, which is why CNN is running the story. Obviously, the kid has some serious condition that is falsely being labeled coronavirus for the sake of the narrative.

I’m sure the doctors told the parents it was COVID-NINE-TEEN that was making the baby sicker. It’s not in the CNN article, but you can probably, if you search, find something admitting that the baby has leukemia or some genetic heart condition.

They want people to believe this is a thing that really happens.

It’s not.

Their own numbers put the issue of “child Covid” in the area of “statistical noise.”