CNN Now Trying to Get Everyone Banned from Telegram

People who disagree with the mainstream media have been driven off of basically the entire internet as a result of lobbying by the mainstream media.

The media has a First Amendment right to demand that you be stripped of your First Amendment rights, you see. It’s the free market of ideas about who needs to be silenced.

The messaging app Telegram is one of the few places right-wingers are still allowed to communicate with each other, so with the election coming up, the media is moving to bully the app into banning any supporters of Donald Trump.

CNN had it in the headline of their morning report Friday that they want to shut them down.

Here’s the section about it:

5. White supremacy

White supremacist groups have become much more active on the social media network Telegram as protests over racism and police brutality sweep the US. That’s according to a new report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based think tank. More than 200 channels, many with thousands of members, include frequent and explicit threats of violence against minority communities and Black Lives Matter protesters, researchers said. White supremacists have made their way over to Telegram because it’s less active in moderating content than other social media networks, the report said. Telegram told CNN that it was “a neutral platform used both by Black Lives Matter and their opponents” and said calls to violence weren’t welcome on its platform.

Of course, they don’t ever say, “we want to shut them down,” they say, “people are concerned…” but the people that are concerned are them; no one else is thinking about it. It’s very transparent, especially when you go through and look at the way they incited a mob against me, against Alex Jones, against anyone else they got banned for supporting Donald Trump.

The mere fact that they refer to all white people as “white supremacists” shows what they’re trying to do. But it isn’t really newsworthy that a few thousand people who disagree with CNN are posting messages to each other on a phone app. This is not “in the public interest.” The only reason they would report on it at all is to try to bully the company, smear them as “enablers of white supremacist terrorism” for allowing Trump supporters to send messages to each other.


The fact that the article is written by “Harmeet Kaur” just makes it all the more exhausting.

It is just so draining the way these sickening, filthy people will never leave you alone.