CNN Nog: France’s World Cup Success “Represents a Victory” for Africa and Immigrants

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2018

Four years ago, White Supremacists watched with glee as the German master race, best-known for forcing the Brazilians into an open-air shower room and gassing them seven times, won the World Cup.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, however, the winners of the latest World Cup – whose final match occurred yesterday – were noticeably less homo sapien than 2014’s champions. France, a team comprised of 15 beret-wearing, mustache-twirling African cannibals, beat the white Croatians 4-2.

Though I hate to admit it, I predicted that Croatia would struggle to beat such an established and well-funded rival, so I didn’t even bother to watch the match. One thing I totally didn’t predict, however, was that writers for fake news outlets like CNN would use France’s victory to promote colored immigration into Europe!


France’s electrifying 4-2 World Cup win over Croatia represents a victory for Africa and immigrants everywhere.

The team’s success is particularly noteworthy because of the way in which anti-immigrant sentiment, especially against migrants with African roots, has roiled French society over the past two decades. In 2005, racial and urban unrest gripped suburban housing projects outside of Paris in the wake of the death of two teenagers who were electrocuted in a substation after being chased by police. And just last month, riots erupted in the French city of Nantes, two hours outside of Paris, after a young Guinean immigrant was shot and killed after being stopped by the police.

Yep, the French are a racist bunch.

Sure, tens of millions of them cheered on a national football team packed with multi-millionaire Africans, but wow… that poor Guinean. ;_;

France’s championship-winning World Cup team features no less than 15 players with African roots, including the dynamic 19-year-old forward Kylian Mbappe, who is descended from an Algerian mother and Cameroonian father. The team’s pan-African make-up goes a long way toward helping the world — including European soccer fans who have chanted ugly racist slogans against black players — reimagine the most popular sport on the planet and what it means to be a citizen.

France’s at times toxic debate over immigration anticipated America’s contemporary global debate over immigration, one that scapegoats the most vulnerable populations as thieves, rapists and murderers. England’s decision to leave the European Union, what’s become popularly known as “Brexit,” came in the wake of a xenophobic campaign that smeared immigration as spelling the death knell of a racially pure British identity.

The author of this article, Peniel Joseph, is a basketball-American. Yet he seems rather keen on telling white people on another continent who they should and shouldn’t let into their own countries.

French citizenship? Brexit? British identity? What has any of this got to do with you, Mr. Three-Fifths of a Person?

To be fair, Joseph is a professional race baiter, so we shouldn’t expect any less from him. He goes on a lot of news programs – all owned by the same tribe that shipped his ancestors to America in chains – to literally promote Black Power:

In short, the World Cup champions remind us all that, in an era of globalization, racial and ethnic diversity represent an enduring strength at all levels of society, ones that build cultural and political bridges within and between countries, nation-states and neighborhoods.

For millions of soccer fans around the world, Africa, in effect, just won the World Cup! This is more than just wishful thinking. The make-up of the French team represents a powerful response against building walls and detention centers to detain and dehumanize immigrant populations.

But if Africa just won the World Cup, doesn’t that mean that France kinda… didn’t?

Isn’t Joseph contradicting himself here?

Oh wait, I remember: those Africans are also French because of pieces of paper. Special, magical pieces of paper – unique to white countries, of course – that alter nationalities at will.

Silly me.

Not everyone accepts the magical properties of those papers, though. Some people, like certain journalists in Burkina Faso, regard France as a fully African team because almost everyone in it is genetically African.

I guess those African journalists are just too low IQ to understand the intricacies of (((globalism))).