CNN Journalist Who Doxed Tucker Carlson’s Writer is a Persian Dissident Targeting War Critics

I was cruelly and unfortunately exposed to a video by Mr. Obvious, who sucks, about CNN doxer and anti-speech activist Oliver Darcy’s “right-wing” past.

For those who haven’t been following, Darcy recently did the doxing of Tucker Carlson’s head writer, who promptly resigned when it was revealed that he committed the ultimate sin of questioning the intelligence of women and saying “nigger” on the internet.

Darcy was previously responsible for bringing down Alex Jones – Jones was officially banned from Twitter for filming himself confronting Darcy in a D.C. hallway and asking why he was trying to get him banned from Twitter, which is like something out of ancient Greek satire.

As Mr. Obvious notes in this spam video in-between ads for his t-shirts, the forum that he was exposed as having posted on, Auto Admit, has been researching into Darcy’s past behavior.

Here’s the thread.

Some of the stuff from it:

My findings so far:

1. Oliver Darcy was a deputy EIC at, while Gavin McInnes (founder of the Proud Boys) worked there.

2. Oliver Darcy appeared on Fox & Friends to argue against the inclusion of disadvantaged BIPOC at American colleges.

3. Oliver Darcy co-founded a website called, in which he surreptitiously poasted many videos of unsuspecting BIPOC students, in an attempt to embarass them regarding their positions on issues such as Affirmative Action, Progressive Taxation, Free Speech, Etc.

4. Oliver Darcy wrote a thoughtful article regarding the importance of unrestrained free speech (before later using the free speech of CharlesXII to destroy his life, and to advance his own career at CNN).

5. Oliver Darcy published a racist video to criticize a brave Black Panther freedom fighter.

This is all I have so far. Please continue the investigation, and make sure that justice is done to this cretin.

So, okay. Darcy is a confirmed conservative in college, now he works for CNN as a doxer of right-wingers.

What conclusions are to be drawn from that?

Well, Mr. Obvious’ conclusions are that he changed his views, or that he is a “grifter.” That’s what a simple and stupid person would assume, I guess. A slightly more intelligent person would say, “who is this person, and what motivates him?”

As soon as you asked that, you would look at his rat-like visage:

And probably assume he’s Jewish.

Then you would look it up, and find that he’s a Persian.

You would quickly realize, that like many or most Persians in the US, he is a dissident, probably a homosexual, who wants to see the Islamic regime in his home country overthrown by the US government.

So, there’s his motivation. It is easy to see then how he would move from Charlie Kirk type “conservative” tripe into CNN neoliberalism and there be no actual contradiction. He is pushing an agenda, he’s going to push it in whichever way he finds most effective. The most effective thing he could possibly be doing at this point is attacking right-wingers like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson who are attempting to push an anti-war agenda in the GOP. That would certainly be much more effective than pushing a right-wing anti-Iran agenda, where he obviously has a dog in the fight and is trying to push the US military to be used for his own purposes.

Tucker Carlson was personally credited with talking President Trump out of bombing Iran. So this is a very big target for Darcy. In fact, he would be the biggest.

Mr. Obvious also suggests that CNN would fire him after finding out that he was previously a conservative. That is retarded. The left doesn’t have the principles that the right operates with. At all. They will only fire people when they absolutely have to (#metoo, basically), not because they actually care about who a person is or what they’ve done – they judge people solely on results. They are agenda driven, and agenda-driven people who are not just flopping around measure results objectively, and make decisions based on the data. Darcy has gotten fired two people they hated. He brings results.

It was shocking to see this Mr. Obvious video, and realize that this is who is still on YouTube, what young people looking for the truth are being exposed to. I’m sure he’s a nice person or whatever. Maybe not. Whatever. I don’t care, because I’m an agenda-driven results guy. And this video is crap.

He could simply read this site and then copy what I write here and give people good information, that is accurate and makes sense. The thing is, if he did that, he’d get banned. He’s allowed on YouTube because he’s benign. The company is pruning this content to an absurd level, and purposefully leaving the crap content so they can keep people from looking for the kind of content that is on this website.

It is so frustrating to be me. I have the answers to all of these issues. It is all just obvious, and I’m laying it out here, in incredibly clear and simple language, and the site is so blocked no one who doesn’t already know about it is going to find it. People can’t even share it in private messages on Facebook and other platforms.

What’s more, sometimes I wonder if the people reading this website actually understand the difference between someone like Mr. Obvious and the Daily Stormer. Sometimes, I fear that they do not understand how good they have it.

Certainly, the trivial amount of bitcoin I receive indicates that people indeed do not understand.

It’s exhausting.