CNN Host Demands Social Shunning of Friends Who Won’t Get the Deadly Vaxx

When the Jew media isn’t trying to coerce you into accepting an extreme gay anal agenda, they are coercing you into becoming a part of an extreme genetic therapy experiment in the form of the so-called “coronavirus vaccine.”

CNN Host Michael Smerconish recently recorded a video demanding not only that businesses require vaccination, but that individuals shun their friends and family members who refuse the vaxx.

He notes that he did a poll on his website on April 30, and over 70% said it was time to shun.

You can go look at the polls on his website – he always wants a specific answer, there are always about 7,000 people who vote, and there are always 70ish percent agreeing with him. Online polls, as everyone knows, are completely useless. It is the easiest thing in the world to manipulate them, making them worthless.

For example: I could go manipulate Smerconish’s poll, and make it so 40,000 people voted, and 90% were against shunning. He would of course say “someone manipulated this” and probably just change the results arbitrarily. Furthermore, it’s his website, so he could just manipulate the results himself. It is the most worthless thing on earth, and even bringing it up shows dishonesty.

(I’ve done polls and they can be FUN, but that’s it. To use the data from an online poll as if it is meaningful is snake behavior, no matter what.)

This “shunning” language is in itself so bizarre it is hard to even deal with. I’ve never seen a campaign to shun murderers, child molesters, or any other group that is universally disliked – presumably because the concept of an organized “shunning” campaign is considered immoral and sick.

What they are telling us now is that the coronavirus moral imperative is the biggest and single most important moral imperative in all of human history.

There is no data to back this up. It is the result of a barrage of nonstop media and government harassment. It has caused people to lose their minds. They no longer have any gauge for what is real and what isn’t, let alone what is right or wrong.

The media and government can now just come out with anything at all, and associate it with the coronavirus moral imperative, and they have a significant percentage of the population that is ready to go along with whatever, because they’ve been scared into submission by the barrage.

There is no room for discussion, and there is no ability for discussion because everyone has been banned. This is the ultimate authoritarian system.

The people who have committed themselves to a belief in the virus cannot ever really get out of that. They would have to admit that they’ve done insane things, destroyed their own lives and the lives of others, because of a hoax. I hear stories of people who have cut themselves off from their families for the last 14 months. They’ve missed weddings, funerals, newborn babies because of the belief in this goofy and nonsensical flu hoax – a fake pandemic for which no evidence has ever been presented, beyond trumped up numbers of people who have died from the normal flu.

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This is the perfect tool of a totalitarian system. It’s almost poetic the way they’ve put it together – and it is telling that it was done by European technocrats and Silicon Valley, and not by the Washington intelligence establishment.

Smerconish also endorses businesses firing people who refuse to get the vaxx, even in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis is saying he’s going to fight back against the coercion. He’s signed a law against vaccine passports.

However – meanwhile, businesses in Florida are forcing employees to get the vaxx.

I know DeSantis is an Israel Firster, but I do tend to think he has good intentions. Yet with businesses forcing people to get vaxxed, I don’t think he can even in theory do anything. I think the federal government would come in if he tried.

This all amounts to the privatization and personalization of tyranny through corporate dominance and political correctness. The system truly is mighty! Who is like the BEAST and who can make war with it!

I am probably losing readers by telling people not to get the vaxx. People who have already gotten it are going to give up, and move on. That is of course a big part of the psychology of it – they want to break you.

I am always going to say what is true, no matter what.

(Note: I hate to post a Jack “Open the Gay Anus” Posobiec tweet, but he’s the one with the clip! Paul Joseph Watson, on the other hand, is doing his best to win me over. He’s finally backing down from the “war with China to open up the anuses” agenda, which he was probably getting paid to promote by people who have now run out of money.)