CNN Going Full Iraq on China

This is at the top of CNN today:

There is a 90% chance that this is simply made up by some intelligence agency.

The CNN article only gives his surname – “Zhou.” For those who don’t know, there are tens of millions of people in China with that surname.

I don’t think it would be physically possible to navigate both the Chinese and Taiwanese navies, let alone the American spy grid.

Furthermore, I don’t really think you could get across the entire strait in a dinghy. It’s 200 kilometers.

Theoretically you could make it, but it would be quite a thing.

Secondly: if he wanted to defect, he could have just applied.

Thirdly: why would he not just go to Kinmen, which is claimed by Taiwan and is very close to China?

Point being: this is perfect fake news.

No one is going to follow up on it, but it implants the idea that “oh, these people want to be free,” and that this is why we need to invade them.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has close to a 99% approval rating among Chinese people. The West will claim that is because they censor the internet. But this is one place where the whole “it’s private companies censoring the internet in the West so it’s different” argument falls short.

The US government can claim that private companies have a right to censor all political dissent on the internet, and that this is by a technicality different than Chinese censorship that is done by the government, but they cannot then claim that Chinese people are brainwashed because of a censored internet. The Western internet is a lot more censored than the Chinese internet. Even if Western society agrees that the argument “private monopoly corporations have a right to collude to silence political dissidence” is a valid one, it still can’t be argued that we have free speech.

Yet somehow, even with all of the censorship in America, Joe Biden, by the media’s own claim, only has support of half the population. If censorship alone was able to build unanimous support for a government, Joe Biden would have unanimous support.

But hey – whatever. They’re going to say whatever they want to say, and they’re going to keep saying they want a war with China to liberate Chinese people from the Chinese government.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Much of our readership is younger, but those who aren’t will remember that in the lead up to the Iraq War, the media was running a nonstop anti-Iraq propaganda machine. This “man flees for freedom” story really could have been pulled from the headlines in 2003, in the lead-up to that war.

The biggest fake news, however, was that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” that it was going to use to attack (and potentially invade and conquer) the United States. Among many hoaxes, the Jew New York Times journalist Judith Miller was receiving fake information directly from the Pentagon regarding these alleged WMDs and then publishing it as insider facts.

The Wikipedia page on Miller is informative enough. Basically, she would publish what the government wanted her to publish, then officials from the Bush Administration would go on TV holding up her articles as evidence of the need for war.

The New York Times recently did this same trick on Donald Trump. After Trump tried to pull the troops out of Afghanistan, the Times claimed that Russians were hiring assassins to kill American soldiers for no reason. They called them “bounties.” They then went around and told a bunch of families of dead soldiers that the Russians had done it. This was all admitted to have been a hoax after Trump was forced out of office.

Judith Miller, disgraced as she is, continues to get work promoting wars. She works for the Manhattan Institute, a pro-war think tank. Last year, she went on the campaign trail for Joe Biden, claiming that he would be better at starting wars than Donald Trump.

In an article from September entitled “We Face Deadly Threats That Would Make Coronavirus Seem Minor,” she did find one thing she appreciated about Trump:

Threats to national security and prosperity have risen, both at home and abroad, in the years since 9/11, the deadliest ever terrorist attacks on the United States. Although critics are reluctant to admit it, President Trump has addressed some of these well. Cracking down on China, for instance, was long overdue. So was killing two jihadi leaders who were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in the Middle East.

It is very funny.

What isn’t funny is that for many people, doing the exact same trick is going to work the exact same way – again. During the run-up to the Iraq War, everyone who dared state that the idea of a third world country attacking America seemed a little bit wacky was accused of being a Moslem-lover. Just so, I am continually accused of being a China-lover for opposing the media’s push for war there. It is truly incredible that people who lived through the Iraq War are now falling for the same trick.

According to a YouGov study from earlier this year, only 65% of Americans have heard of Xi Jinping, while only 10% have a positive opinion of him.

Over the course of the next few months, you’re going to see the media’s attacks on China continue to crystalize, and focus in on certain specific reasons for war.

From where I’m sitting right now, it looks like Russia is more likely to be the first target. But I don’t know that, and I don’t think the media knows that, so you will see them continuing to circle in and provide rationalizations for wars with every country that remains independent from the globalist order.