CNN Gives Kushner Softball Interview

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

The one single Trump official who can get a softball interview on CNN.

What is different about him that he gets so much different treatment than every single other member of the group, I wonder?

Let me just be clear here: this is CNN. Interviewing a member of the Trump administration. About this whole Saudi journalist situation that they’re all losing their minds over.

And it’s softball.

This is really all the evidence that you need that this guy is bad, bad news and he needs to be removed from the White House. He set up this Saudi disaster by being friends with the lunatic Prince Salman – who is often called “MbS” by Westerners – and it all falls on Trump. Then he can go on CNN and get a kiddie interview making him look like a serious person.

Trump gets attacked and he’s never done anything as dumb as making friends with an Arabian lunatic.

The President appears to have believed that allowing Kushner – who happens to be Jewish – to deal with Middle East issues, he’s somehow protecting his agenda from Jews. But that did not go that way. If it had gone that way (I knew it wouldn’t), then okay – politics are politics. But it did not go that way.

Jews are still at Trump’s throat. It isn’t getting better, it is getting worse. This guy has done nothing except cause problems.

Even the neocon lunatic John Bolton is getting in line and wants to go to war with Mexico now instead of Syria or North Korea (that guy just wants a war, just point him in a direction that is good).

Kushner is bad news. I understand he is married to Trump’s daughter, and I feel for the President on this issue. Despite appearances, Trump is a human being and is subjected to human emotions.

But the entire world is now on his back.

He can’t let his feelings for his daughter cause the world to fall off.


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