CNN Faces Backlash After Referring to Black Carjacking That Killed Old Pakistani Guy as “An Accident”

CNN referred to an incident involving two black teenage girls attempting to steal an old Pakistani man’s car and killing him in the process as “an accident.”

Here’s the video of the incident, which happened last week in Washington, DC.

The Pakistani had apparently left the keys in the car.

One of the girls climbed in the car’s passenger seat, with the other apparently in the back seat. At the beginning of the video you can see the girl turn the ignition.

The Pakistani man, who was driving for Uber Eats, opened the driver’s side door and tried to stop them, at which point the girl in the front put the car into drive.

The car then sped up for some reason (apparently the girl reached over and hit the gas), then turned and flipped on its side, throwing the old man against either a building or the ground and killing him.

The girls climbed out, uninjured.

People on Twitter took issue with the CNN headline.

We certainly all get the whole race angle.

Yes, if someone is white and a victim is not white, race is always mentioned. Sometimes, as happened with an Islamic terrorist attack in Colorado last week, the killer is reported as white even when he isn’t. The media does not apologize.

But aside from the race issue: was it an “accident”?

Or did the black girl mean to crash the car?

Presumably, she meant to crash the car. She couldn’t steal it once the guy caught her, so she just crashed it, for fun.

Here’s the thing: the only point of these recent carjackings is the enjoyment of the blacks.

During the 1970s and 80s when black crime was very high in urban areas, carjacking could have a financial incentive. At least in the movies, and in some nonfiction books I’ve read, there were “chop shops” where blacks could take stolen cars and have them stripped, making a few hundred dollars a pop.

However, with this current wave of carjackings, the entire thing is recreational. These blacks are just stealing cars because it’s exciting for them to steal cars. They’re not taking them to chop shops. They’re driving them around for a few minutes and then crashing them or dumping them.

The only reason they are doing this is because cops are no longer around, as a result of the Black Lives Matter riots, which the government responded to by removing police from most urban areas.

In the video of the carjacking in question, the girls were arrested by the National Guard, which is now patrolling the streets of DC. However, the only reason the National Guard got involved was because of the crash, and the only reason they were there is because these girls decided to try to steal this guy’s car at 4:30 in the afternoon in the middle of the city.

Blacks are pressing the edges of crime here, and seeing what they’re able to get away with. You’re seeing trends. Murder is going way up. The murder rate has more than doubled in some places, but it is almost all black-on-black murder.

The carjackings and muggings however are starting to be against Asians and whites. Soon, the blacks are going to realize they can kill whites, and nothing will happen to them.

There is no way to prevent black people from committing crimes – at least not any time soon. Blacks live in a culture of crime, which has been fostered by decades of single motherhood, drugs and welfare money. You could stop incentivizing criminality among the blacks, and fix much of the problem (they’re always going to have a higher crime rate then whites, but you could fix a lot of it through social incentives). But that would take decades, and there is no political will for it.

The only solution is police. But last year, the media decided that police were evil, and had to be removed. So now I guess you’re getting what you deserve. People asked for this. Masses of white women went out onto the streets in their face diapers to falsely accuse the police of killing George Floyd.

I’m not a huge fan of the police, generally, and I think there were some legitimate criticisms that blacks could have made of the police. But if you have blacks, you have to have police, and the solution offered by the media of getting rid of the police was always going to lead to this.

Point being: carjackings are just the beginning. This is going to turn into a bloodbath.

As I always say: you should move out of the city.

Article updated to reflect the fact that the man did not leave the car running, the girl turned the ignition.