CNN Discovers Kindly Old Granny is a Russian Stooge

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2018

When I saw this clip of CNN harassing this old grandma and accusing her of being a Russian stooge I was like “WHOAW – that is a new low.”


A CNN reporter on Wednesday showed up at the home of a Florida Trump supporter, accusing her of promoting a political event that was allegedly hatched in Russia. Needless to say, social media lit up like the Fourth of July.

In an apparent effort to bolster claims that Russia worked behind the scenes to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections, a CNN crew showed up at the home of Florine Goldfarb and conducted what basically amounts to ambush journalism, charging the Trump supporter with cooperating with the Russians.

On the lawn in front of Goldfarb’s residence, CNN’s Special Investigations Unit Reporter Drew Griffin remarks that [the Russians] “were involved with you. Did you know that?”

To which Goldfarb responded, “They weren’t involved with us. Just make sure that you report it correctly that you know…”

Griffin interrupted Goldfarb, accusing her of being “electronically” involved with a Russian-backed group “that contacted and helped to organize some of these activities that you posted on your own Facebook account.”

“Those were legitimate,” Goldfarb responded.

“Those were Russians,” Griffin retorted.

“They were not Russian. I don’t go with the Russians,” she said, visibly shaken. “Those people who were with me were all Trump supporters. Very, very much so.”

The situation was worsened by the fact that CNN, in what appears to have been a breach of journalistic code of ethics, released Goldfarb’s name in the public domain, making her an easy target on the social media front. Conservative social media users vented their frustration with the interview, which reportedly resulted in the woman being subjected to taunts and threats.

This is extreme anti-social behavior, harassing this old lady – and it isn’t intended to be news reporting. It is intended to be intimidation. That is to say, the intent is that people seeing this – particularly women and old people – will think twice before supporting Donald Trump, for fear that news reporters will show up at their homes and publicly humiliate them, claiming that they are traitors to America.

Think about that – it is clear that the goal is not news, and it is clear that any producer would know that CNN would get backlash for abusing an old woman like this. The only possible reason they would film this bit and air it is to issue a threat – “this could be you if you support Donald Trump.”

CNN has a history of using their media power to threaten and intimidate civilians. Remember the incident where they hunted down a guy who made a gif making fun of them and threatened to dox him. They made him promise that he would stop making right-wing gifs, or they would dox him in the future. That wasn’t about news – and it wasn’t about the single individual they were threatening either. It was about sending a message to the people that if you are a naughty goy, CNN will come for you.

The Media as the Jewish Police

The Jews have limited ability to use the American state to threaten and intimidate the public, so they farm these activities out to the media.

I and my friends and family have been a target of aggressive media harassment – abuses which, in a Jewish authoritarian state, would be left up to the secret police.

When Luke O’Brien was working on his bizarre hit piece on me for The Atlantic, he called-up dozens of people who I went to high school with, extended family members, people my father has worked with, etc. and made the same threat: “if you don’t talk to me, I will print your name as protecting this evil Nazi.”

I published text messages that a guy I went to high school with who I hadn’t seen in 15 years forwarded to me, showing these threats, and The Atlantic went ahead and ran the story anyway. O’Brien is still employed by the Huffington Post, or rather he is allowed to contribute to their blog (it’s unpaid), where he writes fictional stories about my life.

O’Brien, who recently bragged that no one at the Huffington Post cares if he fabricates news stories, also printed in remedial middle school-tier Atlantic piece that he stalked my mother, and looked through her window.

Another journalist, Newsweek’s Michael Edison Hayden, who recently had his 15 minutes of fame when he promoted an obviously fake tweet from a Julian Assange impersonator account, claims to be hunting me. He has publicly stated in a now-deleted social media post that he is going to send antifa to attack me.

In an attempt to intimidate me, Hayden has also engaged in a harassment campaign against my mother.

After doing this, he has continually made menacing references to my mother, as part of this intimidation campaign.

He has stated explicitly that he uses harassment of people’s mothers as a means to force compliance with people who refuse to do interviews with him.

Both of these men publicly parade their mental instability, and that is clearly why the media bosses have chosen them to serve as harassment agents.

As you can see from his posts above, as well as virtually everything else he posts, Hayden has an obsession with sex, posting gross and deranged things in an Albert Fish style. Before becoming a fifth-rate clickbait artist, he wrote a play about a sick BDSM fantasy.

He also posts bizarre and terrifying images of himself.

In one deleted post, he is bragging about being drunk in the morning at the Newsweek offices. He refers to himself as a “shit mess,” an apparent reference to his mental health.

I believe that the mental instability of these two individuals is considered by their Jewish employers to be a feature, not a bug, as it is meant to intimidate. The message is: “these men are insane, they have nothing to lose, they could do anything and they are stalking you and your family.”

Finally, neither of these men are political. In order for Hayden to believe that fake Assange tweet was real, he would have to have basically no knowledge at all of what has gone on in politics over the last three years. They are not hired to write anything political. They are hitmen, who write defamation pieces as an excuse to engaged in harassment campaigns.

These are two men who I have had direct experience with. But the larger whole of the media functions in this same capacity. They are not simply there to lie to the people, to confuse them, they are also there to bully the people – including individuals.

The Dan Kleve Affair

Michael Hayden recently played a key role in a low-level psychological warfare operation against a University of Nebraska student named Dan Kleve.

There is a situation happening right now where young people are saying “screw it” and going public with their knowledge about the role that the Jews are playing in our society. So there is a desire for a large public display of punishment, in an attempt to stop others from coming out publicly.

There are hundreds if not thousands of young guys who have already revealed their identity or could have their identity revealed with little effort who have publicly spoken about the Jews.

Hayden, a sycophantic servant of the Jews, attempted to do this to Dan Kleve.

Outrage was drummed-up on campus over a livestream he did, and protests were held calling for him to be expelled.

They were wearing t-shirts with his name on them.

So Hayden rushed in and tried to grab some favor with the Jews.

Thankfully, the article was so boring and poorly written – and reporters for other outlets are so embarrassed to cite Newsweek as a source – that it did not result in any further coverage. It got so few backlinks that it only made it to sixth (6) place on Google for “Dan Kleve.”

Antifa sites, Facebook posts and a petition to have him expelled appear before it.

Kleve has not thus far been expelled.

What is interesting is the methodology Hayden used, which Kleve discussed on a recent episode of The Daily Shoah and several other Alt-Right podcasts. It was sloppy, but he did have a plan.

He grabbed ahold of a situation which was already developing after antifa groups singled out Kleve.

He then started texting Kleve, and telling him that he was trying to help him.

This was plan A: get Kleve to renounce his beliefs to the media by telling him the suffering would stop. This is very basic psychological manipulation: the person hurting you tells you that you are actually hurting yourself, and the solution is to just do whatever the person hurting you tells you to do – to go along with the consensus of the group, and ask for forgiveness. Every cult uses this technique to enforce compliance of members.

If Hayden succeeded in getting him to break, other websites would have to go ahead and link Newsweek, because a NEO-NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST renouncing his beliefs would be too juicy not to report.

This would serve both to humiliate Kleve as an individual, and to demoralize the Alt-Right generally.

Plan A failed, Kleve told him to go to hell.

Plan B was to print a vile, defamatory hate piece, which would further enflame the mob, and lead to Kleve either being expelled or murdered. He wrote a longform article in an attempt to provoke a news cycle full of stories about Kleve. He included deranged fake news, such as rumors that he had secretly made threatening statements. The message of the article was that he is an immediate danger – that he is getting ready to start killing people – and that someone has to do something to stop him. Hayden could have simply written “GO KILL THIS MAN HE IS AN EVIL NAZI RACIST.”

The goal of this – along with destroying and potentially killing a man – is to make an example, so that others will not be so open with their beliefs.

This is called a “chilling effect.” And that is the bottom line with the entire war on political dissidents.

It didn’t work.

But this is a method that will continue to be used.

A War on the People

From the poor old granny humiliated by CNN and accused of being a KGB agent, to the targeted harassment of me and my family, to the attempt to destroy Dan Kleve, we have a picture of a media that is totally out of control and is being used as a weapon against the people.

None of this has anything to do with news and information. None of it relates to legitimate advocacy of a specific political viewpoint. This is the media functioning as a machine of war against the ideological opponents of the reigning political order.

The Jews are aware that there are millions of us now. We are not all ride or die activists, but the number of people who would be willing to come out and say “yeah, I am sick of Jews and I want a white country for white people” is at at least 15% of the white population in America. And they know that a dam is about ready to break, and that this is soon going to be acceptable to say, and when that happens – when it is clear to the people that it is okay to think how we think – that number is going to quadruple within a year.

Attempting to crucify individuals, randomly, is a sign of utter desperation.

We are very close, friends, to reaching the mainstream.