CNN Demands That People Carry Around Coronavirus Immunization Cards!

The homosexual head of an Australian airline has said that people will not be allowed to board his planes without proof of coronavirus vaccination.

Britain’s top vaccine enforcer is claiming that people will have to show proof of vaccination before entering bars or movie theaters.

If you thought this wouldn’t come to America – you were wrong.

CNN is now demanding that people carry around cards in their wallets showing that they’ve been injected with this mysterious gene-altering substance.

If Joe Biden ever becomes president, he is going to force this on everyone. He will allow private businesses to ban people from entry if they don’t carry this card. This will likely include grocery stores.

Right now, the best thing you can try to do is bribe some shady Indian doctor to give you the card without injecting you.

But how long will that work?

Probably not long!

We should have resisted when I told everyone to resist, all the way back in March.

But hey – start resisting any time!