CNN Defends Afghan War, Citing Women’s Rights

This is what democracy looks like!

The evil patriarch Harold Drumpf (his real German name – Nazi) was attempting to end the war in Afghanistan.


Well, because he hates women.

He hates all women, including women with penises. But he has a special hatred for women with uteruses.

That is why he wanted to end the war – so that other patriarchs in Afghanistan could do the dirty on women with uteruses in these territories.

An Afghani patriarchist finds it’s not so easy to oppress women with uteruses when bombs are raining down on him.

Women with uteruses celebrated when Drumpf lost the 2020 election (fair, no fraud), because it meant that US troops would remain in Afghanistan, keeping them safe from the patriarchy.

We can’t pull the troops out – the patriarchy will go hogwild.

CNN recently pointed out this obvious fact.

It is very brave for the journalists of CNN to speak truth to the power of the Taliban.

The article was written by the brave woman with a uterus Jennifer Hansler.

Jennifer Hansler bares her teeth against the patriarchal power of the Taliban.

But it’s not an op-ed.

This article is simply facts.

Concerns are mounting from bipartisan US lawmakers and Afghan women’s rights activists that the hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan could be lost if the United States makes a precipitous withdrawal from the country.

President Joe Biden has suggested it will be difficult to meet the May 1 deadline for US troops to leave the country as dictated in the deal the Trump administration signed with the Taliban. However, there are fears that if the US withdraws troops before the conditions on the ground are right — regardless of the date on the calendar — there will be a sharp and possibly catastrophic backslide.

“Today women in Afghanistan have a very special place. They are stronger than ever and they have achieved what has never been achieved before: they cannot be ignored. They will not be ignored,” Fatima Gailani, an Afghan women’s rights activist and one of the four women on the Afghan government’s negotiating team, said at a recent congressional Women, Peace, and Security Caucus virtual discussion.

Many, many, many women have these concerns.

Thankfully, Joe Biden ran on a platform of ending the concerns of women – not ending so-called “wars,” which are in fact liberations.

If Drumpf had his way, all of the troops would come home, and women the world over would have no one to defend them from getting beaten and raped.

But in the 2020 election, the American people said “no” to ending wars.

The thing the Taliban fears most is a combination of a vagina (with uterus) and smart bombs

Joe Biden understands the true role of the American military: liberating women in the third world from the patriarchal system.

Instead of pulling out of Afghanistan, Biden should move to liberate all women on earth.

We all know that in Iran, China, Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Myanmar, North Korea, and other places, women are oppressed.

Are we supposed to do nothing?

America has the biggest and most powerful military on earth, and it is time we turned our guns on the patriarchy.

Not such a big man now, are you? #Feminism #EndThePatriarchy #StayInAfghanistan #LiberateChineseWomen