CNN Declares Macron “Moral Leader of the West”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

As France stands on the brink of revolution due to a kind of general hatred for Emmanuel Macron, CNN has declared him the “moral leader of the West.”

In a segment about Macron having a conversation on Sunday with Saudi Prince Salman (who is commonly called “MBS” by Westerners), the gross Pakistani infiltrator Fareed Zakaria said: “It’s fair to say that Emmanuel Macron has really taken on the role of the kind of moral leader of the West. The spokesman for liberty, democracy, the ugh, eh, liberal international order that Donald Trump has essentially forsaken.”

This is the general concept being force-memed across Europe and, bizarrely, across America as well: that Macron is the leader for all of us, because… well, the “because” is just filled in with trite nonsense like this clip of him talking to Prince Salman. No one really grasps why it is that he is a moral leader, or why he is even the president of France. This guy is 40 years old, and his life accomplishments are “being a banker.”

He’s only been President for a year and a half, and he hasn’t accomplished anything domestically or internationally. His approval rating in France has remained right around 25% virtually this entire time.

He’s presently got a literal revolution on his hands, and may in fact be forced to step down.

But somehow this Frenchman is the moral leader of America…?

This is just a sloppy force-meme job which is falling through. Macron became the figurehead of the EU by accident – he was brought in at the last second in the 2017 French election to provide people an alternative to Le Pen to vote their morality on. He was brought in because the other candidates had collapsed under scandals, and he was young enough not to have any scandals, having only been in the government a short time.

Merkel was supposed to be the face of the EU and the moral leader of the world, but she collapsed and was forced to resign because she brought all those millions of Moslems into Europe and let them rape everyone and run people over with big trucks.

If Macron goes down, there isn’t any other face of the EU. No one can put a face on it. Who is there even?

The old drunk Jean-Claude Juncker and tragic figure Donald Tusk are the only two people that come to my mind.

These men are not even elected, and I don’t think anyone thinks either of them could win any elections. They kind of derive their authority from the elected officials heading up EU states and there just isn’t a figure presently which represents that body.

So they’re going to try to prop Macron up, because they don’t have any choice, and CNN will bring on Pakis to tell Americans that Macron is the leader of America, but this is impossible.

Even if he isn’t overthrown this week, he certainly can’t rule France indefinitely as Merkel was able to do, because people just hate him.

And you can’t have a political organization without a human figurehead. At least not for very long. And the EU is already under siege.

It’s all looking very good for those of us against globalism.

I tell everyone: “If you’re upset about the fact that Trump can’t do anything, just check European news and you’ll feel better.”