CNN Covering Their Asses on Fake Polls

CNN knows the polls are fake and are mainly there to explain away voter fraud.

However, CNN doesn’t want to get caught out like they did last time.

Michael Smerconish this week interviewed someone from Trafalgar, the only major polling company that predicted Donald Trump’s win in 2016, which is also predicting he will win again this week.

This way, if Trump does win, CNN can say, “oh well, we covered Trafalgar…”

There is no YouTube clip, but this week Smerconish also interviewed¬†Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight, and grilled him on how he was so wrong last time, and also questioned him about some of the apparent issues with this year’s polling (for one, the fact that different polls show sometimes double digit differences, which is outside the margin of error, meaning someone is definitely wrong).

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anyone else on CNN doing this – so maybe it isn’t CNN covering their ass, and it’s just Smerconish covering his own ass.

We are clearly looking at a Trumpslide, and these people will pay the piper.