CNN Commands Its Followers to Stay Off of Twitter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2019

CNN wants its followers to be very good goys, and stay away from bad think.

They literally published an article ordering goyim to stay off of Twitter if they want to understand the 2020 Democratic primary.

The Jews are freaking out that they are not able to have 100% clampdown on the narrative in this weird transitionary period between the TV and the internet. They are working to clampdown the internet, but the job isn’t finished yet. So they just go out there and order goyim to not read the bad goyim.

Leftists have begun to hate the boomer.

It is simply a fact that regardless of the successes of the Mueller hoax, the majority of young leftists are going to feel betrayed by being subjected to this “Iraq WMD” tier trickery. And the number one group to blame is the sickening lying Jew media.

CNN and the Jews who rule America want either Kamala or Biden to win the primary.

My plan is to fuck that all up.

Remember to register as a Democrat so you can get in on this.

Tell all your friends.