CNN Censorship Campaign Goes Weirder: “Tucker Carlson is Working in a Conspiracy with Alex Jones”

Brian Stelter and his faggot Iranian revolutionary sidekick Oliver “Cock-Gobblin’ Cock Goblin” Darcy are riding dirty – and getting dirtier.

Their ratings are tanking because their entire show is just whinging and demanding Fox News be censored. The show, with the Orwellian title “Reliable Sources,” has fewer than 800,000 viewers in a good Sunday timeslot. Hoax Watch beats that by a lot.

Brian Stelter’s book about how Fox News should be shut down has the worst sales of any book ever written by a television personality – by a lot. The book is called “HOAX” (a term I can’t manage to copyright because of the Jews), and the recently-released revised edition sold fewer than 1800 copies in the first week. To put that in perspective, about 100 times that number will read this very article this week (needless to say, I do not have a TV show to shill my material on).

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two are shiteaters.

They just invent anything to try to justify their plan to ban absolutely everyone who disagrees with the US government and the globalist establishment. It is possibly the most anti-American agenda that has ever existed. It is on par with communist plots to overthrow the government in the 1960s.

Their newest conspiracy theory is far dumber than anything QAnon ever came up with, I can tell you that.


As CNN’s Brian Stelter flounders in the ratings next to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, he’s brought out the serious accusations against the Fox host: that Carlson is working “in cahoots” with notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

As CNN’s chief media critic, Stelter regularly focuses his attention on Carlson, who he’s branded an icon of “white male rage and resentment,” a “conspiracy theorist,” and “the new Donald Trump.”

Carlson, perhaps unsurprisingly, was the object of Stelter’s ire again on Sunday night. The CNN host played a clip of Carlson and Jones tackling similar subjects – the government allegedly monitoring their communications, risks associated with vaccines, alleged FBI involvement in the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill – before asking fellow CNN journalist Oliver Darcy if “Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?”

Darcy agreed, and after Stelter played another clip of Carlson defending Jones, and Jones praising Carlson’s work, he asked Darcy “Are these two guys in cahoots? Are they friends, do they communicate… are they bros, what do we know about their relationship?”

“It does sound like they’re talking to each other,” Darcy responded, before the pair took turns savaging the “far-right conspiracy theories” that both men apparently believe in. 

“I remember when the Republican Party and Fox News mocked Alex Jones and said that guy is crazy, we’re not gonna touch that sort of stuff, but now, Fox’s face is effectively Alex Jones. The de facto leader of the Republican Party is touting the same stuff that Jones touts on his show,” said Darcy.

“They might differ a little bit in antics and the way they deliver their message, but that message to viewers is consistent, and it’s pretty identical.”

Here’s the thing: if something is true, then it’s true. There is only one truth.

So if two people are seeking the truth, they do not have to know each other or have ever heard of each other to come to the exact same conclusions.

I see people all the time and say to myself: “is this person reading my website, or are they just very smart?”

Sometimes they make the same jokes or use the same phrasing I’ve used, and I know they do read me. But sometimes, I totally cannot tell, because all I do is tell the truth, and anyone can find these truths themselves.

What is totally bizarre is for CNN to play two media personalities talking side by side and say “they must be bros and talking to each other.” We’ve all seen the endless compilations of the media and Democrat politicians saying the exact same things, not just using the same ideas, but literally using the exact same focus-grouped buzzwords.

Tucker does these compilations all the time. Because people like Brian Stelter and “Oliver Darcy” (this is not his real name, he is Iranian and has a secret name no one knows – which is incredibly bizarre in its own right) have been so effective in their censorship campaign, it’s hard to find anything anymore.

If 95% of right-wing video content hadn’t been scrubbed in the last two years, and if Google still worked, I could just spam 100 of these clips after 60 seconds of Googling. But 95% of right-wing content has been scrubbed, and Google doesn’t work anymore – at all – so I’ll just do a couple.

Here’s a 2019 example of Tucker doing the “media/Democrat script” bit.

Here’s one of Greg Gutfeld doing the bit from a while back.

This happens literally every single day – these people coordinate narratives based on buzzwords, spreading false hoaxes.

What I always found was the biggest revelation and most important accomplishment of #gamergate was that it proved that gaming journalists had an email group where they coordinated talking points.

We’ve never seen a smoking gun that mainstream media does this (other than that it’s obvious), but in February of 2017, the day before the entire media all at the same time came out and attacked MILO as a “pedophile” because of comments that he’d made on a podcast – which was still up on YouTube at the time – someone posted on 4chan that exactly this was going to happen, and that they knew it because they were in an email group.

There have been similar cases of these predictions posted on 4chan that I can’t think of right now, but this one was hardcore specific, and came less than 24 hours before, specifically referencing an email group.

But I mean – you don’t really need evidence for the claim “all mainstream media works together to push a narrative” – it is an irrefutable fact, and all you have to do is take one day and

  • Read the New York Times and the Washington Post
  • Watch CNN and MSNBC
  • Watch the late night talk shows

You will then have irrefutable fact that all of these people are working from an established script that some central authority is writing. (The only response is that the New York Times is the central authority, and that they publish early and everyone copies that.)

But Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson repeating the same documented truths – which they have literally presented government documents to prove – is proof of a conspiracy, according to CNN.

Obviously, the reason for the “Tucker is Alex Jones” argument is obvious: Alex Jones has already been banned from everything because “society decided” they didn’t think he had a First Amendment right, because it hurt someone’s feelings or caused people to die from misinformation or whatever.

Many people did not look kindly on the latest Stelter/”Darcy” attack, and compared it to the fact that these people spread a literal hoax for years on end which was proven to be a hoax – and it was proven that they knew it was a hoax.

It truly is all so tiresome.

It’s a blessing from God that Tucker Carlson is still on the air.