CNN Celebrates Prison Death of “Racist” American-Indian

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

CNN has taken the opportunity of the death of an American Indian who snapped and killed his Lebanese neighbor to talk about how evil he was, and basically deserved to die.

It’s a really weird article.


A Tulsa man has died in prison seven months into serving a life sentence for killing his Lebanese neighbor in what prosecutors said was a hate crime.

Stanley Vernon Majors, 63, died in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. He was found dead in his bed in the maximum-security prison’s infirmary. Officials said the death would be investigated and did not reveal why Majors was in the infirmary.

Majors was convicted of murder, a hate crime and other offenses for harassing, intimidating and then shooting Khalid Jabara to death.

At that point in the article, they insert this picture and caption:

They then go on and on talking about how evil the Injun was for disrespecting vibrant heritages, and include a picture of the victim’s mother.

They even get comment from family members, and refer to him as “the racist next door.”

Just so you understand, this is definitely not normal “hard news” reporting. The normal thing to do would be just to report the death, rehash the crime. What CNN does with this article is try to justify a prison murder – because racists deserve to die.

The original story is retarded. He clearly did not kill the guy “because he hated the color of his skin.” Clearly, this family was engaging in anti-social behavior, which everyone who has ever been in any proximity to Moslems knows that they do as a matter of course. I’m sure he used slurs, but it is normal enough to use slurs for individuals you hate.

It is a total myth that anyone has ever been killed by a white person “because of the color of their skin.”

Also, this Majors fellow is clearly not white.

This is Oklahoma. He’s an American Indian (to whatever degree, they’re all part white now).

Have you ever heard of someone being racist against Native American Indians? No? Well, it’s probably because they don’t do shit but run casinos and drink. “Racism” simply means distaste for the collective behavior of individual members of an ethnic group.

Furthermore, when was the last time you heard of an American Indian going nuts and murdering people? I mean, you read about it happening hundreds of years ago, but you don’t read about it now. They are pretty docile. So this Moslem family must have really been stirring the pot.

I’m not arguing for the legalization of murder here. But you bring these people in, you try to force-integrate them, there are going to be problems.

I’m sure that this drunken Indian had his own side of the story to tell, which no one will ever hear.

What the hell are Lebanese Moslems doing in Oklahoma in the first place?