CNN Caught Faking Islamic Anti-Terrorism Demonstration in Aftermath of London Attack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017

This is absolutely insane.

CNN has been caught red-handed – as in filmed in the act – stage managing a hoax “Moslems against terrorism” demonstration in the aftermath of the London Attack.

It’s not clear if they organized the protest themselves, or if these are actual actors, but it is clear that they took a bunch of people and created a fake scene of them all standing together, and told them what to do. It’s very much reminiscent of “behind the scenes” footage of a film director arranging actors.

It’s just… shocking that they are able to get away with this sort of thing.

And they will get away with it.

The above Mark Dice video shows the whole event as it happened from cellphone video filmed by protesters.

The incredible thing is that it is clear that this is just routine. Business as usual for these “newspersons.”

Black Pigeon has made a video claiming “CNN IS FINISHED.”

But they’re not finished.

They are struggling to make money, but they will continue to be propped-up, they will continue to hobble along, and they will continue to hold a large amount of influence over the way people think – even the way of thinking of people who if asked what they thought of CNN, would say they are liars.

Because even when you consciously are aware that people are liars, your subconscious mind isn’t aware of this, and interprets their presentation as real.

It’s the same thing with Hollywood films.

The human brain is not evolved to understand the concept of witnessing something with their eyes that isn’t real. So the subconscious mind interprets everything it sees on film as real.

Just as an example, if it were not for Hollywood, no one on earth would believe in the Holocaust at this point in history.

Imagery is very, very powerful.

And we in the far-right have been strangled of cash by the likes of the ADL and the SPLC, so we cannot, for the most part, produce our own media.

However, I suspect that is going to change soon.

To State the Obvious

CNN is an entirely Jewish network.

It is run by the Jew Jeff Zucker, most of it’s main anchors are Jewish (Tapper and Blitzer, for example) – it is pushing a purely Jewish agenda.

Mass immigration is a key element of the Jewish agenda, so of course they rush to push the #NotAllMuslims agenda after a terrorist attack. And because it basically is all Moslems (that is, the overwhelming majority are not terrorists themselves, but do support terrorism), they have to fake it.

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