CNN Calls for Bog-Trotting CIA Psychopath John Brennan to Apologize for Hoaxing the World

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

At the center of the media hoax to claim that Trump was an agent of Russia was the former head of the CIA, John Brennan.

It was very bizarre for the former head of the CIA to become a media pundit in the first place. In fact, it was staggeringly bizarre. The left used to be against the government, against the intelligence agencies, then all of the sudden the head of the CIA was made into a leftist hero.

That said, it isn’t hard to see that once you’re in the place where you’ve accepted that it’s okay for the literal CIA to tell you how to think, there is a certain amount of perceived credibility in a very high level intelligence official making these extreme allegations. The assumption is “well, this guy must know, he had the highest possible clearance level – he must have seen all of the documents.”

And I am quite certain he had seen all of the documents – and knew that the documents showed that Trump didn’t do anything. So he was simply lying, outright.

I think that probably a lot of these people actually believed what they were saying. I can pretty well guarantee that Rachel Maddow actually believed this just as much as any irate boomer catlady.

Brennan on the otherhand is basically the Judith Miller of the Russian hoax. There were a lot of Judith Millers, but he was the one claiming to have seen the intelligence proving the hoax.

He was out there as late as March 6th saying that the hammer was about to drop and everyone was going to get indicted.

And he is quickly becoming a fall guy for the media.

In a recent CNN panel with Jake Tapper, the question of whether Brennan should apologize came up and political commentator Amanda Carpenter called for Brennan to apologize for this hoax.


Democratic strategist Keith Boykin said, “I don’t know whether anybody is owed an apology yet because we still haven’t seen what’s in the Mueller report. One thing is clear, Russia did interfere in our elections in 2016…. Donald Trump denied that repeatedly.”

He added, “That is, according to some people, potentially treasonous activity.”

Carpenter said at the least Brennan should “apologize to the American people for giving them the idea that treason––big capital letters treason––was committed.”

“He’s not just a regular pundit spouting off,” she said. “He was a former CIA director. I don’t know about you guys, but when a former CIA director speaks, I listen, because I believe they have credibility, and now he’s backtracking.”

So there you have the two competing strategies of the media laid bare.

One is saying that they just need to stay the course, keep saying that Trump is a Russian stooge even though it’s proven that he isn’t, and the other is saying we need to back off and start finding people to put the blame on for the fallout of this thing.

I think Brennan’s career as a media pundit is probably over. People will still have him on for the novelty value of engaging the guy who drove America off a cliff. But no one is ever going to take him seriously again.

They Did Their Job

Remember that Trump didn’t win anything here.

This was all part of the plan.

There was never going to be any Russian collusion. They knew that from the beginning. Comey, Rosenstein, Brennan, Clapper – all of these people involved in staging this hoax – had indeed seen all of the documents and knew it was all fake.

The whole thing was simply designed to break Trump, by keeping him under the pressure of this looming attack. It was designed to make sure that no one of any value wanted to be anywhere near him for fear of being indicted. It was designed to make an example of him and all of the people who supported him who thought they could change America by voting.

And I do absolutely believe that the release of the report was related to his recent backing away from the immigration issue and his full embrace of Israel to a degree that no American president in history has done.

They were never going to find that he was a Russian, but Mueller absolutely could have gone on indefinitely indicting random people for process crimes or whatever sort of tax bullshit. The reason the report was released now is that Trump has become a very, very good goy.

And they’ve still got all of these investigations in the Southern District of New York that they can pick up at any time and run with.

He’s been trained in a Pavlovian style: if you talk about white interests, going hard on immigration, you get shocked. If you back off of immigration and talk about Israel all the time, things get much easier.

So Brennan sacrificed his own reputation and honor for this goal, but he didn’t really have a reputation or honor before this. I think he probably is into pizza, and actually gets off on the idea of getting caught defrauding the entire public in the name of Jews.

This is all satanic.

Judith Miller was not prosecuted for launching a war that killed millions of people and cost trillions of dollars. Brennan won’t be prosecuted for sedition for attempting to foment a revolution against an elected president.

There are no consequences for anyone.

The media will keep on lying and people will keep on believing it. It was mostly the same people that hoaxed the Iraq war that hoaxed the Russian piss scandal. People will believe anything if they hear it enough times from people who are presented to them as authorities on the topic.

The entire internet is going to be shut down so they don’t have any competition and this train will just keep rolling on, this rough beast, slouching toward the new Jerusalem embassy to be born again and again and again.