CNN Brings on Neocon Lunatic John Bolton to Command Republicans to Destroy Real President

CNN’s gay mulatto Don Lemon this week brought on the neocon psychopath John Bolton to command that the Republicans destroy the Real President and obvious winner of the 2020 presidential election Donald Trump.

Bolton said that it is time for Republicans to attack Trump and destroy America itself by replacing him with a completely fake president. Don Lemon said that when John Bolton was in the Trump Administration, he was “the adult in the room.”

Bolton also said that he is very concerned about the “purge” of officials in the Pentagon, after Lemon suggested that Trump is planning to seize control of the government. Bolton said that he has no doubt that the military will refuse to enact martial law.

It is absolutely astonishing that John Bolton is now being embraced as a great ally of the left. It shouldn’t be astonishing. The Democrats have always been a war party that fights wars for the Jews. But surely, we all must remember how the Democrats protested against the Iraq War.

For some reason (the reason was Jared Kushner’s poisonous influence), Donald Trump briefly hired John Bolton. This was during the darkest period of the administration, when myself and others thought that all could be lost. However, Trump made a phoenix-like transformation back into his true self over the last 18 months.

After being fired by Trump for trying to start so many wars, Bolton immediately went to the left media, and was embraced by them as a hero who attempted to steer Donald Trump into fighting a bunch of wars for the Jews, but simply couldn’t set the orange man straight.

Now, Bolton is calling for Trump, who easily won the recent presidential election, to be removed. Frankly, I think he is attempting to position himself for a position in the possible administration of Joe Biden. Biden has been surrounding himself with all kinds of Jews, including the pro-Israel neocon kind of Jews, as he prepares to launch wars against the entire world.

Frankly, if the usurper Joe Biden manages to seize the White House, he will not be in office for very long, and will be replaced by the satanic witch Kamala Harris. Harris has been even more aggressively pro-Israel and pro-Jewish violence than Biden himself.

We are fighting back against hell here, people.