CNN Backpedaling on Facebook Privacy Reform – The “Good Guys” Should Still Have Access to User’s Data

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

The Facebook Jews are Jewing other Jews after being Jewed out of their business model. Wew.

The funniest thing about this whole Facebook scandal is that the left is pushing it hard, but the ones who benefit are the right. Jews just haven’t fully realized how badly they’re screwing themselves over with this move yet.

They think they can just go “okay, now only people approved by Jews will be able to put ads on Facebook.” That obviously ain’t gonna happen – for now.

Some Jew and Pajeet over at CNN just had a minor epiphany about this.

Too late, retards!

However, even with this, they haven’t yet fully realized the extent of their mistake.


In its announcement, Facebook stated more specifically that it was shutting down some features of its broadly used login functionality as well as its groups, events, pages and Instagram platform APIs. Technically, this means that third-party developers with access to these APIs will no longer be able to pull sensitive user data — including member lists, names, profile photos and wall posts. Again, all seemingly positive steps toward protecting privacy.

But what does this really mean? To get at that we need to first understand how the digital advertising industry works. This ecosystem — dominated by Google, Facebook, Twitter and a few other leading internet companies — is based on a simple three-pronged business model.

First, these companies work hard to develop the most compelling services possible to hook the user and maximize space for ads on their platforms — whether in search engine results pages, scrolling feeds, or news reader apps.

Second, they develop highly sophisticated ad-targeting algorithms that let marketers reach specific audience segments with great accuracy.

And third — and perhaps most important because it underpins the implicit power of the first two — they collect, unchecked, a vast amount of fine-grained personal data.

Bold move, Zuck.

Right, so Facebook is removing direct access to user’s information from their API. This means that third party companies will no longer be able to gather information on Facebook’s user base. At least, not directly.

This obviously favors us – because most of the actors who stood to benefit from gathering and analyzing this data are our enemies: large corporations (who generally have a leftist bias), Jew organizations like the ADL and SPLC, and government agencies.

Obviously, Facebook will likely still provide access to the FBI and other federal agencies, even if only unofficially.

But generally, this is good for us.

Under this paradigm, Facebook would keep all the data itself; marketers would have to ask Facebook whom to target with ads and how, as opposed to making the decisions themselves.

Indeed, if Facebook makes no further changes beyond what it has announced, the key tools that enabled the notorious Russian disinformation operations that were run out of the Internet Research Agency will still be available for use by anyone who wants to use them. That includes genuinely legitimate political communicators like campaigns or their associates, who will still be able to leverage the sophisticated ad-targeting tools available through Facebook and other leading internet platforms.

No shit, retards. That’s because the “Russian disinformation” campaign (code word for right-wing political operatives in general) didn’t use the data to spy on people – they just used the data like any other legitimate advertiser. They wanted to target their ads to a receptive audience.

It’s the people who are using Facebook’s data for shady Jewish crap that are going to be penalized here.

In a sense, the API changes Facebook is implementing could even contribute to the potential for nefarious disinformation operations, including the tactics that have been pursued by the Russians. These new changes will very likely make it harder for academic researchers, journalists and the broader body politic to analyze the integrity of public spaces; for instance, it will be harder for the public to understand how disinformation and hate speech spread on social media platforms if access to the underlying data is restricted.

Lol, so those are CNN’s “good guys” here: kike activists researching “hate speech” and right-wing “fake news.”

ADL: Definitely good guys, goyim.

This is the exact opposite of reality. A “legitimate” use of the data involves using it for targeted ads. That’s the stated purpose of this system, after all. Meanwhile, activist researchers using Facebook’s API to pick the brains of people they don’t like is a subversive and unintended use of the platform.

Anecdotal evidence of misleading content — like the revelations recently on CNN that the biggest Facebook page purporting to support the Black Lives Matter movement was in fact entirely fake — will remain invisible to the public in the absence of more thorough data access.

Reminder: the world’s biggest BLM facebook page was run by an Australian shitposter.

Meanwhile, these steps will do little to deter the Russian operations that targeted so many American voters with egregious disinformation.

Right. Basically, this change makes it much harder for Jews, corporations and the government to spy on Facebook user and clamp down on “hate speech,” while it does nothing to stop right-wing political actors sending ads to their intended audience.

No wonder these people are angry, lol.

Yeah maybe you shoulda thunk that through, Jews.

But this is only the beginning. The real victory will come when the Feds start regulating social media, and the First Amendment starts being mandatory. While these social media kikes really want to clamp down on the filthy goyim, censorship is costing them a fortune, so by this point they’ll probably embrace this change.