CNN at the Beach: Reporter Goes to Nag About Masks – Gets Told to Take Off Mask, Go Back to Own Country

The reporter seems like a nice lady, but she really should go back to her own country, which is China.

Once she is there, she should have her crew film her wearing a mask on the beach, and telling her fellow Chinamen to wear masks. They would probably tell her to stop wearing the mask.

Myrtle Beach Online:

CNN reporter Natasha Chen was filming a segment in Myrtle Beach on Sunday when she said a man yelled racist comments at her over her wearing a mask while working.

Chen, a national correspondent for the news network, said while working on a story about the Memorial Day weekend at Myrtle Beach, a person approached her yelling expletives about her wearing a mask and blaming her for the pandemic.

“In addition to shouting at us while I had a mask on. He said to me ‘to get out of his country,’ with an expletive. And said I was the reason for this, referring to my ethnicity,” Chen said while speaking after the fact on CNN.

While speaking about the comments, Chen was not wearing a mask. She explained that she takes it off when no one is around to speak into the camera, but puts it back on while walking around or in a crowd.

“Mask culture” is an Asian thing. They typically wear masks when they are sick, or in the winter in crowded areas. Some Asians wear them more than others. One thing is clear, however: no Asian has ever worn a mask at a beach.

This is all just completely nuts. But there is always some portion of the population that will just go along with literally anything the media says.